My Personalized Journal 2021

Blogging is the reason why I am hooked into journalizing. Writing becomes easier having a journal.

From years of blogging, there was so much to do to clear out of my head, and I wanted to start with a good number of posts before sharing it to my social media platforms. Having a journal, is a great help because I had to create a schedule to produce a good article consistently.

To start my year, I need to have a journal that I really want, a touch of personalize journal – not just a simple diary with friends and family. I want it more flexible and fabulous planner with my MONTHLY & WEEKLY calendar spread and I needed a way to keep track of it all!

How can I do that? How do I even figure out what is working? On top of all this, as a WAHM I have to also keep track of ideas and financials. I searched for a personalize journal online there are bazillion to choose from, but none of them were meeting my needs (I'm on a tight budget though), so I need to have a journal that meets my budget too!

I was introduced to the Chyrel Nahine journal through a Facebook post by a friend. And I love her lists and was intrigued by her works, but I am a visual person – I need to see her works personally, but it's pandemic so I message her and ask about her journal. She sends me a video showing what inside her personalized journal. And it is exactly what I needed to get a handle on my blog tracking and ideas all in one spot. Future planning, performance tracking,  promotions, financials, Korean Drama list, etc.

If you've never seen it before, here is My Personalized Journal for 2021 from my YouTube channel.

A Personalized Journal is Perfect for as WAHM especially mom's who are working multi-functional.

Write want you want.

As a Blogger, having a journal is a must. It's part of my work to track everything.  If you are familiar with a Bullet Journal it's like that.

Though some journal will look the same but mine is customized. Because I got the chance to say what I want, what will be the outcome. 
Overwhelmed with the result, every detail is well sorted. Yes, my journal is ready and was personalized by me!

Planning to have your own journal? Managing once activities every single detail includes simple planning ahead and tracking your accomplishments. This will help and guide you to be flexible and save time in scheduling posts and plan weeks or months in advance. Just like me, while watching Korean drama and eating pizza is much more pleasurable because all are given time on what to do next. Having the journal it helps me make changes on what are my priorities.  I can see and compare the results with my Monthly and Weekly trends.

From MONTHLY, WEEKLY & NOTES all your screens on one journal.

Nowadays, you can't find a simple & cheaper Personalized Journal. This kind of a journal for as WAHM & as Blogger are going to save time & money. To write, video blog, etc., is a task that needs attention.


A day to day monthly outline that can be seen at-a-glance after you open the Journal cover. Here, I can see what is scheduled for the day, such as birthdays,  anniversary,  holidays, important meetings and occasions. What I do that day, like paying bills and/or going to the bank or insurance.


A day to day weekly outline. As for now, I am listing all my ongoing Korean Drama per episode I've watched. By February, I'm going to list all my upcoming and ongoing Paid, Guest and Sponsored Collaboration with foreign clients and companies.

At the lower part of my journal is the IMPORTANT PLAN. Here, I'm going to put my BILL PAYMENT PER MONTH and EXPENSES.


This is where I will put my Blog Tracking and Miscellaneous files and accounts. It will be my used section of the journal, wherein I'll draw bullet to log or mark my Monday to Sunday schedules in posting if they're done or not. A place of notes, like quotes, Bible verses, blog title, vlog planners, playlists, my reshares of current and older blog posts and/or sample of conversation starters,  etc. 

It's hard to keep track of all my blog ideas as well as my work as Social Media Manager and Copywriter. I have three sites to handle, that's why I have multiple threads going at once in my journal. So maybe I'll add here my ideas on each blog site, some post-it notes all over.

As I said, the journal becomes my social media companion as a Virtual Worker. It helped me become more consistent, organized,  well-planned person and that made me a Journal Enthusiasts. If you want this Personalized Journal, just message @chyrel.nahine FACEBOOK account. Hope my journal can help you with some ideas on how you can maximize time, grow your blog as well as balanced your lifestyle.