How To Get A Copy Of Your Children's PSA Birth Certificate

Parents must have a copy of their children's PSA Birth Certificates. You will never know when you'll need them.

Just like in my case, I already have an NSO copy of my children's BC.  But one of the requirements of the school of my youngest, she was enrolled in Senior High School was to submit her original copy of birth certificate for their school record and that copy will not be given back to us parents.
Now, she's entering college, I need to have one original copy of my youngest birth certificate for this coming school admission at USEP. The problem is that the COVID-19 pandemic brings different tragic and regrettable advances that many public working staffs goes to such dangerous conditions. Though we salute their bravery and their heroic self-sacrifice and extraordinary humanitarian effort to serve the people. But then, as a parent, it's very difficult to visit an establishment, especially crowded places this time.


I look for the site that I can get my child's birth certificate and I see this website of PSA HELPLINE PH. An accredited partner of the Philippine Statistics Authority and powered by Pilipinas Teleserv, Inc.
It's a new that let you order for your BIRTH,  MARRIAGE and CERTIFICATE OF NO MARRIAGE (CENOMAR) online!

Visit the site of PSA HELPLINE PH.


Read the TERMS OF USE and PRIVACY POLICY. After ticking the box for agreement just click next.

You need to fill up your PERSONAL INFORMATION. But prior to that you are required to upload a photo of your Valid Government ID for verification, this is to ensure that your documents will be delivered to you. 


I ordered online last January 31, 2021 and I paid PHp365 via Gcash.

After paying, you will receive a confirmation message through email:

The next day, February 1. E-mail message from PSA Helpline was sent to me.

February 2, I received another message from PSA HELPLINE, it's my OTP Number and QR code! You need this in order to claim your document upon delivery.

No OTP or QR Code. No Documents.

February 4. I received a call from a courier, my document from PSA will be delivered today! Yes! I thought I had to wait for more than 5 days.

No more hassle! Just stay at home and get your PSA Documents online. STAY SAFE.

I would like to say,  thank you so much PSA HELPLINE PH for your super fast delivery of my document and its fantastic packing. A pleasure to do business with you and rest assured I will be back to order other documents from you.


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