Third Day #NIC2018 #EmpoweringCommunities in Davao City (Plenary Session 6)

The last day of the three-day National Information Convention. This is usually the most exciting day of conventions because it is the day that all of the participants will take ought and accepts the challenge in delivering correct information to the communities.

For those attending, this is the day when all of the learning and knowledge takes place. The theme of Wednesday is "CIVIC ENGAGEMENT & NATION BUILDING". Starting the session is an inspirational message from DFA Secretary Allan Peter S. Cayetano speaking about how information essential to our daily activities, a unity message seems appropriate.

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Day 3: 21 February 2018, Wednesday


Topic: Civic Engagement and Nation Building

Being Filipino is not how long you've stayed here in the Philippines, its in the heart!

A Filipino-American businessman Anthony V. Olaes shares his appreciation towards Filipino people. He is also committed to help our country. Olaes  is the Chief Executive Officer of Olaes Design & Marketing of BAYANI (Furniture; wind chimes; key fobs not of metal; non-metal tool boxes), I AM A FILIPINO (Clothing apparel, namely, shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, swimwear, shorts, pants, bandannas, banners, flags; footwear...), and WE ARE ONE FILIPINO (Clothing apparel, namely, flags, bandannas, shirts, sweatshirts and jackets; footwear, namely, shoes and slippers; headwear…).

Fil-Am friends of Mr. Olaes helping him with his dream in NATION BUILDING.

Joined hand in helping with GAWAD KALINGA in building new houses to less fortunate kababayan(fellow Filipino, countryman, townmate).

He also introduces his new company named, TZILLA Philippines Inc.

and COMET an electric vehicles that will help pacify the air pollution and traffic problem we have in our country.

It has the state of the art technology.


A microtransit that carries more passenger with fewer trips and experience like you are riding on a private vehicles.

SMARTPHONE is use in order to ride the COMET. It is because we are living in a DIGITAL WORLD, we need DIGITAL ACCESS.

In America he also have a "THE FILIPINO SCHOOL", to teach other Filipino-American people about their roots and how to help build our country ---the Philippines.

If someone will ask me what is the best thing that I have done for our country, I will tell him or her that I am proud to be a Filipino.
                                                                                        ~By: Anthony V. Olaes

Topic: Digital Media for Social Mobilization

Digital in the Philippines today compared to the rest of the world is almost the same, but how active are Filipinos online and what channels are Filipinos active in is different from the rest.

Given the data below on digital penetration, with many Filipinos online, we have more reason to dedicate our resources to digital. Filipinos spend the most time on social media, even if their using FREE DATA or not - the increase of usage is growing at an unprecedented rate. 


Most Filipinos use social media because (1) TO CONNECT (2) TO BE ENTERTAINED and (3) TO BE INFORMED

Filipinos all over the country use FACEBOOK.

  • 11M Users in Luzon, excluding Calabarzon
  • 15M Users in Metro Manila
  • 5M Users in Visayas, outside of Cebu
  • 6.5M Users in Visayas, outside of Davao
  • 26M in Key Cities: Metro Manila, Cebu & Davao

Digital in the Philippines Today

● Majority of Filipinos are online, with penetration rates growing by more than 10% year on year.

● Filipinos are most active on Facebook, followed by YouTube & Twitter. Instagram and LinkedIn are continuously growing channels

● Filipinos are going online to connect (through social media), to be entertained (especially through videos) & to be informed

Knowing how Filipinos behave online, how will we utilize these channels for social mobilization?

Remember PETMALU

P ersonify (Find the right voice) - When people go online, they like to engage with friends and relatives; people not machines.

E ngagement Hooks & Strategies - Filipinos like to be entertained, while being informed.

T hemed Approach - In Marketing speak -- ‘themed’ or thematic approach means that we not only look at one-off executions, but integrating various channels (online / offline) to campaigns.

M anage and Respond - Social and Mobilization is a two way street -- don’t expect to engage anyone if you’re just there to post.

A ctivate Community - Opinion leaders abound not just in the national level but even in your own areas.

L isten & Seek the Community - Often times, constituents won’t even tag, or post on your page -- be proactive and look for them.

Undergo Regular Reviews - All these efforts that we put into mobilizing and engaging our constituents would not be useful if we do not measure IMPACT.

Topic: Introduction to the Government Information Centers and Information Volunteers Network

A very empowering message thrown to us by the PIA Director-General Harold Clavite, as to how we use social media with etiquette.  There is no doubt about it-social networking or social media is all the buzz!

 People are connecting with, listening to, following and collaborating, making a link with each other online at an amazing rate.

The most popular social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. Each one of those sites is uniquely positioned and serves a particular purpose.

Though some people are using it to connect with relatives and friends that we haven't seen for a long time or they are already living outside the Philippines. Some use for personal reasons, like sharing their recipes, their ideas to stay up to date like the#OOTD #DIY, etc...or stalk their exes, friends or family. Business people are using social networking sites to build their careers, promote their business and grow their reputations.

In everything we do from here regarding social media, do not forget the Social Media Etiquette.

Never post when you've overly-tired, jet lagged, intoxicated, angry or upset. It's not a journal that you have to put all your activities in the social media. Keep something private. Don't over expose.

If you post like food or beauty products, minimize it! There is another platform that you can post - BLOG it.

The challenge and opportunity to disseminate information to every Filipino must be TIMELY, ACCURATE, RELEVANT and TRUTHFUL.

Topic:  Communicating Advocacy Through Film

Film is a powerful medium that moves people, it creates impact for social, moral and cultural change. It is a medium of transformation.

Before being an advocate, film maker usually identify their sense of purpose, knowing the mission and vision, embracing the passion and to have that SPARK in order to be motivated and continue the journey on what topic of a story they will put into a movie.

In film it has the power to project light on an issue, move people to debate, convey a story that everyone can relate and make a chronicle history.

It is not more on entertaining audience but help uplift, educate, enlighten, and engage by touching the hearts of the viewers.   

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