#LiveBrighter Become A Sun Life Financial Advisor

Our world is once again seemingly flux. Mostly traditional statuses of the people who are accordingly predicting what will happen to the future foretell and send signs on how to be financially stable by building a career in this worldwide transition amidst the globalization full of competition. There are so many developments regarding economy, investors and advisers who guide their clients, lots of cognitive factors that emerge especially in Insurance Industry likewise promises to upend industries, creating sustainable opportunities and change the way the world works.

It's so hard to decide in choosing the right insurance company, it can be easy to get confused. That's why you have to be careful because INSURANCE is a PROMISE. A promise to protect you and your love ones. Put this in mind "nothing calls for trust more than the purchase of insurance policy", trust your insurance company and keep that promised to you and your family!

Last March 17 a SUN LIFE FINANCIAL ADVISOR FORUM held at the Pinnacle Hotel Davao, organized in partnership with different aspiring Advisors, Social Media Bloggers & Influencers, bringing together an elite group of successful advisers to discuss ways to better understanding on how to become a Sun Life Financial Advisor.

To summarize all the financial advisors testimony and experiences, it goes to TRUST and CONFIDENCE.


Selling services is very different than selling a product. Selling products like appliances and gadgets are very tangible that you can evaluate on the spot. While financial services are difficult to evaluate because you need to wait, you cannot look what to evaluate it's a long term investment, that in the near future you can use it or your family can use it.

The TRUST of the client is very important in financial services. Be sure to weigh all the possibilities to figure out the best choice for your consumers, look for the right solution that is "good enough" to address their needs. BE TRANSPARENT. Clients has this fear of losing their financial savings. If you gain that trust, positively you have the best chance of converting more products.

Be CONFIDENT with what your selling. As I said selling insurance is different from selling everything! This is the most expensive things people buy, but they can't see, touch or hold on.

In Filipino dialect, "puhunan mo dito laway mo at kaalaman mo" , meaning you're selling yourself -- you're selling trust -- and PROMISES ------------so BE CONFIDENT! See yourself as confident. Ground yourself in your beliefs and your personal integrity. Just like one of the speaker advisor said, that going around comparing your level of confidence with other people will only lead you to arrogance and/or frustration.

Don't delay in building trust and confidence, BE A SUN LIFE FINANCIAL ADVISOR, this will positively give a good impact not only your sales career, but more importantly, your life overall --- #LIVEBRIGHTER @sunlifeph

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