Ms. Independent: A Single Mother Celebrating Philippine Independence Day #HappyIndepenceDay #PhilippineIndependenceDay

June 12th is celebrated as Independence Day for the Philippines, the Day of Freedom (ARAW NG KALAYAAN)! A national holiday here in the Philippines that is also celebrated worldwide by the people who have Filipino roots.

Throughout Philippine history, Filipinos had to do a lot of empowerment, a lot of fighting, a REVOLUTION. A fight not only lead by a man but also a woman, like Teodora Kalaw, Maria Josefa Gabriela Silang, Gregoria de Jesus wife of Bonifacio, Melchora Aquino, Patrocinia Gamboa, etc. These are the Philippine Revolutionary women responded with dedication and conviction with courage and belief to fight for patriotism and an independent state. A faith with action---to stand up, rise up, and fight for the rights and led to build a Philippine Republic.

Nowadays, women still correspond to this call - a revolution. But a revolution inside their own domicile. The weighing of TIME, MONEY, ENERGY and the unwavering love and care for family. We fight for family protection, we fight because we love our family and whatever happens there's someone doing it all her own --- and that is becoming an independent woman, the most selfless act, doing her best align with discipline and have a positive influence to her children.

Despite the situation that's coming in her way, that totally and practically made her plans and dreams so messed up, she swallowed all her pride and continue to give her children a better life.

Be sensitive to pain a single woman had, recognize that most single parents face difficult financial and emotional dilemma. And having this, they want to escape the stressful life that they have and be FREE from this upheaval.

The celebration of our Independence here in our country is also a celebration of every single parents who wanted to have a TRUE FREEDOM from discrimination in education, employment, religion and health. An affirmation of a true individual liberty: the right to speech and express her own ideas!

We(single parents) stand here as a citizen of Republic of the Philippines, declaring our rights and privileges and to affirm one's membership and allegiance we have to the society as we share one land, heritage,and our children's future.

I, Ms. Independent, a single mother with two children, with a good conscience and faith with God, have a strong conviction that if we only unite and hand-in-hand journey towards Freedom --- we can have it and live with dignity and respect.



  1. You're so strong as a single mother to take care of all your children on your own. It's great that you are courageous in speaking your rights and celebrating your independence.

  2. I salute to you Pal for treasuring our Independence Day. Being a single mom nourishing your kids signifies strength and as you say with dignity. Hope changes will happen to our country.

  3. Single parenthood has its own challenges but they can be overcome with determination and support from society.

  4. There are countless to overcome when raising children as a single mom but I am confident that you have right mindset to surpass all these difficulties. #happyindepenceday !! :)

  5. Single parents are really admirable as they carry the whole family and is a pillar of strength.

  6. I salute you for being a brave single parents. Ang hirap ata nun. Just be who you are Pal to your siblings and all we go on fine.

  7. Raising children alone is really difficult that is why I admire those who successfully raise their children amidst the stress and pain a single parent experienced. Happy Independence Day! - KarenT

  8. It's good to know that the Philippine Government already have this act on our constitution. Correct me if I'm wrong. Im a single parent too. :)


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