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I was about to right a post from my fashion blog, when I landed to a post that gives me a "WHAT!" reaction. Yes, I know that FATHER'S DAY is defined as male who had a child, a male parent, a father-in-law or a step-father. Any person does not fall into this categories is not to be called a father(?).

It started in this title post, Father's Day Is Not For Single Mother's, though the writer had a good point in separating the two statuses, THE FATHER and THE MOTHER responsibilities and characters towards community and families. For me, we cannot compare these two because they have their own contributions that make them more unique with their own status, most especially with the single mom and dad.

Father's Day start its concept from a story of a single dad who raises his six children alone after his wife died. And same story goes with a single mom. For LIFE without the both can't be easily handled, it takes TWO TO TANGO!

So it is very important to celebrate both, month of JUNE is a Day for the FATHER'S, Mother's Day is in the month of MAY, and for those who doesn't know SINGLE PARENTS' DAY is celebrated in March.



There's no need to judge single mother's:

To spread the “love” to single moms on Father’s Day is not as empowering as it might seem. Contrariwise it capitalizes on a self-inflicted wound and stunts the process of healing. The truth is parents should be honored and appreciated every day in their respective roles.This is not a personal issue it is a community crisis that leads a woman to believe she can do the job of a man. No matter how courageous a woman is, just as many men who are left to raise their children alone are not mothers; the role of the father is not one that can be filled by a woman. This does not take any credit away from the “Wonder Woman” that she is and the hard work she invests in taking care of her family. These things just make her an amazingly strong woman but biologically not a father.

~

I respect the writer's opinion, that Father's Day is for the Father's. And we must not undervalue and take for granted that fact.

A Father's Day is for father's and not right for a single mother.

But for other single mothers(like me), I don't care if it is not right to celebrate it with Father's Day, as long as we know that we are loved by our children, and seen by others that we both played the rules in a right way---no one can stop us!

We don't have bad intentions to cover our hates for our kids' father, but this is "US"-- This is the way we see things in a right perspective, because we have done our part as parents to our kids, and we deserve appreciation and honor for doing our part as father's too!

We don't want to rob them for their day, but I hope everyone feel what we really feels deep inside. These parental roles we have now is not so easy(same as with the single dad), it takes us years to realize that we are alone, that we need to provide our kids what they want, that we are responsible, and last we are strong to face life challenges.

I have this video created by Angel Soft, a video that talks about how children feel and how much they appreciate their single, widowed, separated, annulled and divorced moms this Father's Day.



  1. I think this is a personal decision of the single mom. No one else has anything to do with her decision to celebrate father's day. The decision is hers and hers alone, for her child.

  2. Why can't just people let it be? If some people especially the child would like to greet his/her mom a happy father's day, why can't people just let that be? It's not about robbing the father's day from their dads but it's just a way of appreciating the things their mother has done who also stood up as their father for so many years. Isn't it much better to hear them greet their mom's happy fathers day than hear them speak anger or bitterness towards their fathers?

  3. Oh well, there are single fathers too. And I feel, taking such celebrations too seriously defeats the meaningful purpose behind the day!

  4. I have heard some people greeting single moms a Happy Father's Day. I didn't really mind because that's their opinion. You also have a point and I agree with Fred as well.

  5. I always greet single moms and father figures on Father's Day :)
    My Mom is a single mom and while she gets a lot of goodies on Mother's Day, I feel that she also deserves a tribute on Father's Day because she really is wearing two hats ... there's so much selflessness and strength in that. I know that it isn't to raise children, a family. To be able to do it alone when the man who's supposed to have taken a vow to be with you for eternity leaves you is just wow. I don't know my Mom managed it and how all other single moms do, but they all have my respect, appreciation, and admiration.

  6. Well, depends on how people look at it. For single mom is more challenging, you have to be a mom and dad. So single mom celebrating father's day is alright to me.

  7. I believe it is all about what the mom is feeling about her parenting journey. To each their own.

  8. SINGLE PARENTS' DAY this I did't know is celebrated in March. But going back to the post, Who cares if a single mom celebrates Father's Day. Eh, she also does a Father's obligations.

  9. I agree with Fred; I think it's ultimately up to her whether or not she thinks she's played both roles and deserves to be celebrated in both occasions, or otherwise! :O

  10. Although single moms are fathers too, it's very different in terms of value coming from male parent. Well, it's not the way of living but the value of living with male and female parents on your side.

  11. Either way, single moms are just awesome. They are really admirable for what they do for their kids.

  12. I think there's no harm if single mom celebrates father's day too. We have every right to do so. -KarenT

  13. I celebrate Fathers Day with my own kids since my ex was no where around. While he may have valid points I agree that mother's can celebrate fathers day if they're playing both roles.

  14. We celebrate all our loved ones on these days...i wouldn't believe in only thanking the father....we have many other special males in our like brothers, grandfathers, uncles. they all deserve to know you're thankful in my opinion.

  15. A single parent both acts as a mother and father to their children. I think it's also right to celebrate both father's day and mother's day for them.


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