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If you're familiar with TINDER and where you can easily find your partner for dating and love, now there's a new app that work opposite.

BINDER is a cloud service which makes breaking up with your other half is so easy.

*CLOUD SERVICE means any resource that is provided over the internet. 


(1) USERS, will give the gender of their significant partners. And by adding their name and phone numbers.

(2) You have to put the reason why you want to end your relationship. And as soon your done, swipe right and BINDER will take care of the rest.

Some of the reasons are quite abrupt. So rude to share with your significant other, like:
  1. "it's better to have loved and lost....
  2. "Get Lost"
  3. "if you were the last person on earth, I send this..."
  4. "our relationship is as patchy as your beard.."

And if your S.O(Significant Other) cannot accept this kind of a message, USERS can select BREAK-UP VOICE MESSAGE of a Scottish man singing this line, "Your boyfriend does not like you anymore, he hates your face, he thinks you're a bore. In fact, he is sick in his mouth whenever he sees you around." 

By the way, BINDER is created by a Scottish beer company called TENNENT'S, they are the one responsible of promoting the app in the social media channels.

Here are my thoughts:

  1. For me, it is inappropriate to break up with our S.O like this, like leaving them hanging without settling issues.
  2. I still believe in a traditional break ups, that letting them know first before everyone else does.
  3. Breaking up like this, is a terrible idea. It is still better to meet in person and in private. And if your S.O is living far from you, it's better to call and talk with him/her alone.
  4. Give a frank conversation. Yes, it is painful but this will last a minute, hours, days or months. And by year, you can move on and forget the painful words that he/she said.
  5. Still say nice words in breaking up. Words that you need to say, why are you going out from the relationship. For me, this line is much more acceptable than the reasons given above: "I'm sorry it's comes to this, but I'm unhappy with our relationship and I don't want to drag it out."
  6. And don't ever discuss BLAME, whose fault why the relationship is not working. The best thing is to end it with mutual acceptance without pointing finger at each other.
  7. I know, it is hard to end relationship. But it is more coward to hide it by giving them a message of a BREAK UP.

BINDER APP is a nice app, for those cannot say it face to face. Maybe because they are avoiding long awkward break-up conversation.

You can download BINDER from App Store and Google Play.

Here are some reviews about BINDER:

SCREENSHOT GRAB from Google Play

*I used 3 Android smartphones, but this app is incompatible with all my devices.


  1. Omg. This kind of break up really hurts! If you want to quit, you must talk to the person face to face. Don't rely on the app

  2. My gosh, there are more and more apps replacing physical connection nowadays haha. I guess breaking up with someone is really hard however it's still better to be done face to face.

  3. Did someone really made this app? This is kinda crazy although, it is kinda effective as a promotional tool. Personally, I don't think you need an app for breaking up.

  4. A bit ironic that its called binder when it breaks people up. I think this is not a good way to break up.

  5. First time to hear about this app, and definitely a not one for me... ha,ha,ha... clearing something with others is for me a face to face matter special when relationship is on the line.

  6. I don't think I'm gonna use this app however interesting it is. lolz - KarenT

  7. Not a good idea to use this app for something so serious and heart-breaking as breaking-up although it would admittedly work for that specific purpose. I'm sure the recipient of this kind of message will eventually get the idea that the sender is good riddance anyway.

  8. Wow this amusing. Have you tried this? I wonder how this app helps a person. Maybe boost his/her ego? I will not use this though since I might not only hurt the other person but would also gain the rage of his/her family and friends.


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