Science Discovery Center at SM Lanang Premier

After the experience we had at HELLO KITTY AROUND THE WORLD at SM Lanang Premier another great attraction of the mall is their SCIENCE DISCOVERY CENTER located at the 3rd floor Entrance near the Bowling Center.

We avail their PHp100 ALL DAY GALLERY PASS

I ask information to the counter and pay PHp100 that day(December 21), the pass is good until midnight.

We have this stamp on our arm wrist
so that we can come again until midnight of Dec. 21


Earthquake Simulator

This is a simple simulation wherein you have to go inside a house which quake-proofing technology is being subject from Intensity 1 to 6 and see how it stand up!

Time to feel the earth shake, rattle and roll...Feel dizzy after.  But nice experience, believing that if Intensity 6 is so fast how much more with Intensity 7 and above.  Whew!

Elements In You

How do you know about Periodical Table of Elements? 

Me, as far as I can remember in my Chemistry class my assigned named is Chromium(Cr with atomic number 24). That's it and I forget the other elements already.

Here you have to give the symbol for each elements. And I was amaze with my daughter, she answered all the questions correctly considering she's only Grade 5.

Ex.  GOLD - Au atomic number 79

Bio Wall

It's a big wall, bio-inspired, replicating an artificial life-sciences the likes of bugs, worms, cockroaches and ants.

Rainforest Lift

A life in a forest is like a lift of a fluid flowing past the surface of the earth.

We enjoyed playing by stomping all the bugs on the platform as if there is a real bug running around.

The explanation here is the species that causes a disproportionately or those species that is TOO LARGE or TOO SMALL who have large effect on its surroundings.

Reef's 'n Danger

Teaching Tornado

Teaching the children how tornado was formed.

Polar Bear Peril

We really have a fun time here because you have to help the cub go jump towards her mother by waving and jumping and say "JUMP BABY BEAR".

Heart in You

Patients Please

You need to act like a real surgeon here or else your patient will shout "OUCH" if he can feel pain.

Sniff Sniff

Urine The Game


Our all time favorite inside the center. 

They will ask you questions and you have to answer it properly or else the opponent will receive the correct answer.  

Highest score wins.

Barf Barf

Burp and Belches

Future Travel 

The futuristic modes of transportation, the Wheel Surf.  

Using the gentle earth-friendly alternatives that make it run with a maximum efficiency.

Harness the Earth's Power

How Much Can You Lift


Solar Car

Walking Power

Nano Robots

Robots Real or Imagined

Mars Rovers

How Will You Age

There are a lot of fun and interesting games that your children will love and at the same time learn inside the Science Discovery Center.

How to love our mother earth.

And soon to open by next year.  
Entrance will be PHp250.


I would like to thank the SM Lanang Premier Science Discovery Staff for taking time answering my queries.  And for their patience in assisting my daughter activities inside the center.

Thanks also for the freebies.


  1. The SM Mall of Asia has a Science Discovery Center, too, and my son enjoyed tinkering with everything inside it. Lol! -- Maria Teresa Figuerres

  2. My daughter would have loved to come here!

  3. they have a Science Discovery center in MOA but I still haven't taken my daughter their because its always packed with kids.

  4. I brought my kids to this place years ago. Glad to see new activities included in the Science Discovery Center.

  5. I miss visiting such places when I was still in highschool or college. I admit I am still amused till to these...
    - nursegermz

  6. Really it's educational for the kids and adults too. A better place for children to learn about science.

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  8. Great to know that Davao has its own science discovery center. This is both educational and fun for kids of all ages.

  9. It's good to hear that there's a science related activities for kids in a mall and to learn more about on how it is done.

    1. Yes sis. In my time wala kaming ganito. Mall is just for shopping now we got it all for you na talaga....hehehehehe...

  10. I've been there at SM MOA! :) Now I miss it! My fave is the earthquake simulator and sniff sniff. I also learned a lot that day. I think that was a year ago.


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