Lucas Launches Debut EP- Nostalgia

Lucas is releasing their Debut EP this January 25, 8 pm at Sales Bar Tekanplor.


Pedro Perez - Vocals
Jickong Dimafeliz and JR de Castro - Guitar
RJ Tan and Mic Fernandez - Drums

Nostalgia comprises 5 tracks that capture the band’s live energy, passionate performances and nostalgic song writing.

A compete track listing of the EP includes 2kOk, Red Velvet, Achiever of the Year, Liquid, Hide and Seek. Since the songs’ online release, it has received positive reviews from many music enthusiasts, including Vandals on the Wall which has ranked Red Velvet #5 out of a hundred songs released by independent and signed Filipino artists.

The official release will be celebrated at a launch party at Sales Tekanplor with performances from We Ride Dynamite, 8-A and Tramonto. An after party will close off the night with beats from Dj Ram Mia and Against the Light.


Tickets sold at PHp150. 
Inclusive of the EP and a drink.
Available at Sales Tekanplor.
Sold online on the Lucas Facebook Page.



  1. I think this is a nice way to launch an album via a live event with invites.

    1. Yes Sir Franc, a nice way of boosting their event and by utilizing the social media network in inviting guests.

  2. do you have a link to their tracks? seems like a nice band too!! hope that many will support their gig.
    leira of FBW

    1. Hi Ms. Dolce I don't have a link from their tracks because they're going to launch it tomorrow. Maybe after the launching they will give me their tracks. :)

  3. I am proud of people who patronizes local bands.. Keep it up guys!


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