Hello Kitty with Parisian Holiday Set at SM LANANG PREMIER

SM LANANG PREMIER is one of the mall been selected to have a Hello Kitty installation around the world.

After I read this news from THE EDGE I'll promise myself to bring my kids with me who really loves Hello Kitty, oh well just like me.

I know everyone knows about HELLO KITTY.  A cute girl (looks like a cat) who has never been out of style.  A fictional character produced by a Japanese studio SANRIO.  

Well I remember way back '80's when BANCO FILIPINO uses SANRIO Character in their advertisement promotion, and I am one of their kids client who open an account with them because just like I said I super love HELLO KITTY. They have freebies wherein I collected every time you do deposit the likes of Hello Kitty bags, purse, stationeries, and so on.

Parisian Holiday Set

I went there yesterday morning with my youngest daughter only. My eldest had already made plans to go with her friends. 

I'm in PARIS!!! (LOLS)

She really love the Parisian set so much. She thinks she is playing with Hello Kitty together with her family and friends.

MIMMY WHITE and Chelsea
The twin sister of Hello Kitty.
She's wearing a yellow dress and her ribbon is placed at her right ear to pick out their differences.

Chelsea with GEORGE and MARY WHITE
Hello Kitty's PAPA and MAMA 
DEAR DANIEL and Chelsea
Hello Kitty's childhood friend.  He's sensitive, naive and love to dance.
By the way Hello Kitty's family name is WHITE. 

Missing photos here is GRANDMA MARGARET and GRANDPA ANTHONY.

Asking why their set in Paris is at a CAFE, in a MACARON HOUSE, and in a Baguette Store.

Grandma Margaret is the original Master baker in the family, her specialty is the delicious pudding that Hello Kitty and her sister Mimmy love to eat.  Their Mama Mary also bakes the best apple pie in their neighbor and that is why Hello Kitty got her talent in baking.

For more stories you can visit Hello Kitty here: SANRIO TOWN

Up close and personal encounter with my favorite character HELLO KITTY.

We must not forget to thank the original maker of Hello Kitty, YUKO SHIMIZU.

Because of her we have the most lovable fictional character of all time.

HELLO KITTY: Around the world is a once in a lifetime event that everyone has to experience. A Christmas present you will never forget especially for the children and young at hearts!

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  1. My daughter loves Hello Kitty! I want to take her there!


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