Streaming on Netflix "The Cheating Game" starting October 26

The GMA film “The Cheating Game" will be available worldwide on the popular streaming platform Netflix beginning October 26.  Starring Julie Anne San Jose and Rayver Cruz, "The Cheating Game" explores the emotional aftermath of betrayal for two individuals with contrasting reactions.

The story "The Cheating Game" is well written.  Julie is a young professional with a strong belief in her ability to make a positive impact on the world.   She is deeply committed to her fiancé and the non-governmental organization (NGO) they have established together.  However, things take a turn when a sex video of her boyfriend with another woman is revealed. 


Leaving behind the engagement, the NGO, and the life she had envisioned, Hope embarks on a fresh chapter of her career as a content producer for a company.   Little did she know, this company also operates as a troll factory. 


She is determined to never be outsmarted by a guy again.   She creates a helpful reference called an 'anatomy of a cheater' cheat sheet, which she uses as a valuable tool while reentering the dating scene.  


She then encounters Miguel (Rayver), a successful entrepreneur who displays all the positive qualities of an ideal partner.   Hope believed she had discovered the ideal man.   However, as their relationship deepens, hidden truths start to emerge.  


The film received high praise from critics for its portrayal of a mature, relatable, and realistic side to modern-day dating.  


Ricky Lee, a renowned Filipino screenwriter, characterized "The Cheating Game" as anything but a typical rom-com.


"I was pleasantly surprised by the depth and complexity of this film," the National Artist for Film and Broadcast Arts said.   "I didn't see that twist coming," he remarked.



Produced by GMA Public Affairs under GMA Pictures, "The Cheating Game" is co-written and directed by renowned author Rod Marmol.   The film is crafted from the original concept and story by Peabody award-winning documentary writer and producer Shao Masula, alongside co-writer Jessie Villabrille, a head writer for some of the distinguished GMA primetime series.  


Experience the captivating tale of Hope in "The Cheating Game," now streaming on Netflix Worldwide starting October 26.  


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