The city of Davao celebrates Kadayawan 2022 face-to-face Part 2

On August 15, 2022, the Kadayawan Festival was officially opened headed by our city mayor Sebastian "Baste" Duterte, which took place at the Bantawan Theatre in Magsaysay Park. It started with MISA PASALAMAT followed by PAG-ABLI SA KADAYAWAN. I watched the event through their Facebook page's ONLINE STREAMING.

Moving ahead. The 17th of August, I had planned to cover THE HIYAS SA KADAYAWAN Coronation Night at RMC-PETRON GAZZ ARENA, but I had to take my daughter to the dentist. This is her first visit to COOL SMILE DENTAL CLINIC, which is located in front of NCCC MALL Victoria Plaza on JP Laurel Avenue in Davao City.

Following her scheduled dental cleaning, we made a purchase at NCCC MALL VP. Then I noticed that NCCC MALL VP had undergone significant changes; the department store, mall, and supermarket all have superb air conditioning.

BTW, before we went to NCCC MAll VP, I was able to send a note to Sir FredJohn Lumantas of Public Relations at LTS Pinnacle Holdings, Inc. NCCC Group of Companies. I ask him who should be interviewed for KADAYAWAN AT THE DOME and he responded immediately. Thanks Sir Fred!

We made our way to the KADAYAWAN AT THE DOME, which is situated at the back of the NCCC MALL VP, and I was astounded by the activities that were taking on inside the dome.

There are numerous Food Exhibitors present, in addition to products from Local Farmers and Small and Medium Entrepreneurs from Davao who sell products from Davao and Mindanao. And I got the chance to interview Sir Christian Robles Formentos, CKC lead organizer.

I also had the opportunity to check out the Picturesque Davao 360° Slow Mo Video Shot, for which I waited an hour to try out this popular viral video. For P40 you will have this video shot!

The wait for the 360° video shot was well worth it! Thanks so much Sir Robert Salogares of Picturesque Davao.

Part 2 of my Kadayawan Festival adventure concludes here. See you on my next blog post Part 3.

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