Hollywood Filmmakers are producing a film that aims to educate a worldwide audience about Filipino history and valor

Puerto Princesa, Palawan (Aug. 5, 2022) --Francis B. Lara Ho, a Filipino-American producer based in the United States, and Michael Copon, a Filipino-American actor and director, are collaborating on the film "1521," which will depict a clandestine love story set against the epic clash between pre-colonial Filipinos and Spanish forces of Ferdinand Magellan in Mactan, Philippines over 500 years ago.

Left to right: Francis B. Lara Ho (producer); Danny Trejo; Bea Alonzo; Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan; Michael Copon; Costas Mandylor; Hector David Jr.; and Terry Amos.

The film boasts a powerhouse cast including Copon, renowned American actor Danny Trejo, Filipino superstar Bea Alonzo, and award-winning actress Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan.
Didi or Diwata, the protagonist of "1521," fantasizes about being transported to pre-colonial Philippines while touring the remnants of an ancient Spanish fort. In her dream, she is a local princess who falls in love with Enrique, Magellan's attractive translator, and their passion becomes entangled in the struggle.
As soon as Didi awakens, the border between her dream and reality begins to blur, and the situation becomes increasingly complex.

The majority of the film will also be told through Lapu-perspective, Lapu's who is considered the first Filipino hero for leading the forces that beat the Spaniards.

Michael Copon

Copon, who will both direct and portray Lapu-Lapu in the film, stated that he undertook the project to promote Filipino history and culture.

"Nobody is aware of what happened to Magellan. Some Americans believe he recently died. And oftentimes, the history of the Philippines is swept under the rug, unnoticed, which led to the passion that we wanted to embrace those stories and embrace the culture, and say, 'Hey! Let me get this out there,'" said Copon, who is known for his roles in "Power Rangers Time Force" and "One Tree Hill."

"Even more historically significant is the fact that this is the first time a Hollywood director and producer are creating a film about a Filipino subject with Hollywood stars and Filipino stars in the same film," he added.

Danny Trejo

Magellan will be played by Trejo, who featured in the "Machete" and "From Dusk till Dawn" film series.

Alonzo will play Diwata, while Hector David Jr., who previously participated in "Power Rangers," will represent her romantic interest Enrique.

Hector David Jr.

Copon stated that "1521" would not solely center on the Battle of Mactan, describing the relationship between Diwata and Enrique as the "heart" of the plot.

"We didn't want to merely make a movie about the battle and the conflict," he explained.

Lara Ho stated that the entire film would be shot in Palawan, which was chosen for its picturesque beaches and mountains.

Francis Lara Ho

The producer, himself a Palaweño, anticipated that the initiative will bring additional chances to the people of the province.

"I was pleasantly delighted to discover, during the audition process, that so many Palaweños possess extraordinary skill. They simply require opportunities, which we are providing here "Lara Ho remarked.

"Sadly, despite being one of the richest provinces in terms of natural resources, Palawan has one of the worst poverty rates in comparison to other provinces. I thus hope that bringing projects here would change this "he stated.

"1521" will be released on June 12, 2023, coinciding with the 125th Philippine Independence Day celebration.


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