My Personalized Journal 2022

I'm saying goodbye (and good riddance) to my 2021 Personalized Journal. And saying hello to my 2022.

It's probably fair to say that this has been one of the worst years in recent times. With the pandemic, we live, learn and create a sense-making narrative, shaping and reflecting cultural ideas and experiences. And by putting all that in a journal by writing it down your tasks, goals, and notes, it helps alleviate the most important thing in life — being grateful and bringing in good vibes only.

My Personalized Journal for this year is more on a lined page to write down my thoughts and record my daily activities and events.

While there are many apps available online that will help me organize my life, nothing beats the feeling of writing it down on pen and paper/notebook. As I say, I like to record my daily events in my life, make a note of how I feel after a meeting or date (just like a diary), wrote down the noteworthy things that happened during my day so that I can remember them and reflect on them.

I will also write my wins and celebration. The idea here is that whatever circumstances excites me, that gives me the feeling that I've won. Like clients approval and other event invitations, etc.


Of course, I have goals, so I will also write down my to-do list here. Making my own time frame to achieve my goals and how I'm going to approach it. Hmm... this sounds interesting and a challenge to me at the same time! Just think positive Jean 😜😍😘. Aja!

I love watching Korean drama. This journal will be the same with my 2021 Personalized Journal. I will write down all my KDrama that I will watch for this year, my favourite drama in one place planner, and I will also collect inspiring quotes from the drama, this is a good thing to do to keep me empowered.

Not to forget the REMINDER NOTE part, wherein I put my bill payments & collections. And my domain renewal too! 😁🤟

What I like about my 2022 Personalized Journal is that, even we are already in a digital world wherein cellphone and gadgets is the fastest mean of communication and we can dial and call people directly on our phone, this journal still have the old way of keeping the name and addresses of people to call to.

I'm going to write down a list of people that I want to have at least a half-hour phone conversation with, like my senior aunties and uncles who are not into gadget thingy. Keeping a promise and by giving them a call will also help me boosts my mood vice versa.

My Personalized Journal for this year is plain and simple. Writing a too detailed plan will only lead me to disappointment, so instead, I'm making a plan per month only, that includes things I really want and I always wanted to do and be. This will be my source to create a self-improvement guide for myself well-being and also for my work progression.

Goodbye 2021. Hello 2022.

BUTTERFLY means not only beautiful,  but also a metaphor of representing spiritual rebirth, transformation,  change, hope & life.

Watch video here for my Personalized Journal 2022 review: PAL RAINE INSTAGRAM