The Search for the First AYDA TV Correspondent

I remember when I was in grade school, whenever someone asked me, "What do you want to be when you grow up," my response has always been, I have the dream of becoming a broadcast journalist. At a young age, if I'm not mistaken seven years old, a grade 2 pupil, broadcast journalist for me is a job of sharing news around the world. I'm fond of watching the news on TV with my Grandfather, and every time there's an advertisement gap, I act and imitate newscasters in front of my grandfather, as if I was the reporter or broadcaster delivering the news. For me, news reporting does not only portray the hard work and skill, but also takes to adequately do the job rightfully and honestly. I've been exposed in the field of entertaining people by dancing at a young age to not quench my desire but to learn more about what career suits me.


Sharing your dreams with others will open doors for new opportunities. That's why ASIA YOUNG DESIGNER AWARDS by NIPPON PAINT is in search for the first-ever AYDA TV Correspondents, giving great opportunities for young aspiring correspondent that will help mold their talent in journalism, as well as their ability in communicating with people.

If you want to be the first to find out what's going on and to get access all areas at events and gigs, REGISTER now and tell the world what you think and be seen online and/or TV, you will not know this break is the great opportunity for you in achieving your dream.

Read mechanics here: #AYDATVCORRESPONDENT

AYDA TV is another AYDA Program organize by Nippon Paint to help young people, currently in college to embark their talent in hosting and get the chance to win P15,000 cash plus and be invited to co-host the #AYDA2021. Not only that,  your school AYDA Coordinator and mentors will also receive prize for supporting you. So talk to them and APPLY NOW!

Watch TikTok video here: #AYDATVCORRESPONDENT

Someone told me about opportunity,  this will be an opportunity of a lifetime. Your perspective in covering the event will gear you up not only your skills, but also your confidence. Learning the pros and cons of the correspondent career and got a glimpse of what it would be like after graduating college.

My advice to anyone with a dream like becoming a TV CORRESPONDENT, find ways to gain experience in that said field to enhance your knowledge and heighten the passion you have for your dream career. By watching the news daily, it will allow you to dissect how a newscast was put together. And being a part of the First-Ever AYDA TV CORRESPONDENT, it will closely examine your capabilities on how to use the right words and the pictures shown to gain a better understanding behind the reasoning.