Nippon Paint recognize winners of the Asia Young Designer Awards 2020

The prestigious and leading architecture & design competition organize by Nippon Paint — the ASIA YOUNG DESIGNERS AWARD, an architectural design competition of the young students that intends to submit design proposals often used to generate new ideas for building design, to stimulate the learning and knowledge of each participants and allow emerging designers the opportunity to gain exposure as well as to build professionalism.

NIPPON PAINT ASIA YOUNG DESIGNERS AWARD is an example of a highly competitive award giving body, where only the basic mission is to support Architectural and Interior Design students to reach their dreams and to achieve their goals.


The theme for AYDA 2020 is "FORWARD:  HUMAN–CENTRED DESIGN". It means that Architectural & Interior Design students will make a design that motivate a humanistic value and devotion to human welfare, something that marked by concern that alleviate suffering.

Gold Award

SILONG is a shelter, a basement, a house where everyone dwells to live anchored on living one with nature. A design made by PAUL JOHN JANDOC, the Gold Award winner of AYDA 2020 in the Philippines.

I like his concept in designing, when he used the bamboo as part of his design.  For me, bamboo trees are durable and can long-stand different climates.

Watch video here: SILONG

BAGASSE MOUNTAIN RESORT is designed by MARGARET THERESE (Maita Hagad), designing for memory and sustainability. It has also bagged the Interior Design Gold Award in the Philippines and the recipient of the Best Sustainable Design Award.


Pretty lucky indeed. They managed to win the GOLD & the BEST! And even they won not one, but two awards in their life. And what I personally gain from them is that contest-winning isn't about the luck — it's the experience they have. As a social media manager, I've worked with clients depended to boost likes, comments, and follows on social media accounts. And that has given me a road plan for how contests work about. And for these young Architect and Interior Designer,  they managed to answer well and defend their designs with a wide knowledge coming from the theme given to them.

Their determination and confidence is the result of their hard work that boost their chances of winning.


For you out there, if you have that skill and the talent in architecture and design, take advantage of designing your own house or resort by joining the #AYDA2021.

You can also join and become first ever AYDA TV Correspondents.

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