It's my dream to be an architect, I love to draw buildings & houses that would appear modern and à la mode (fashion and up to date). It is, of course, easier said than done to merely say that I will be an architect in the future. But that dream has changed over the years, everyone has his or her goals in life. So, I have to look further at my passion in life and that is not to be an Architect, but still connected with houses - I become a Real Estate Agent (my second job after working at RCPI-Bayantel as Customer Service Representatives). The fact that I still have the love looking at the houses,  the design, the style,  that somewhat help me reinforce to embrace dearly my first love in architecture. 


NIPPON PAINT honor and give important to arts and design, supporting the talented skills of our young architectures and those in the field of designs. ARCHITECTURAL and INTERIOR DESIGN  has a central role in our — community, culture and environment. The skills that undoubtedly valuable in all aspects in molding the first step in design thinking — by having that EMPATHY.

Everybody dreams of something, whether it is to one day to become an Architect or Interior Designer, make their very first house,  become their own boss, or be a mentor. That's why one of the most prominent,  well-known and Asia's Real No. 1 paint – NIPPON PAINT, has been the strong motivator in giving our students to be more innovative,  creative and socially inclined,  motivating them to a higher degree of professionalism. 

Nippon Paint want to show their love & support by giving our next generation of architectural and interior designer a recognition, the ASIA YOUNG DESIGNERS AWARDS 2021.


July 22, 2021, AYDA 2021 launched its theme: "FORWARD AMPLIFYING EMPATHY THROUGH DESIGN".  Keep this in mind – PEOPLE, CULTURE, and  NATURE. This will guide you along the way in making your concept.


When we design, you need to examine data and family's income level and ask questions about residents from your area, not to forget household characteristics,  current and projected lifestyle, so that you can give a starting point for an in-depth analysis of specific design development. This data can be used to help broaden sustainable community in  understanding how it is changing, whether demographic or relevant data pertaining to population and household income, age, education levels referring to the house preference on what to design.

These will also focuses in occupational concentrations of your clients and ethnicity as well. Design influences the race and ethnicity, that measures the true preferences and behaviours of the community.

Home ownership directly correlates with the community.


As I said previously, design also focus with race and ethnicity.  This cultural influence that tackles the CULTURE of one's norms and ideas in making your design.

Architecture reflects culture. Indeed, architects today has a task of designing for present and future of a diverse and quickly changing culture. If you design, you have to think not only for the present, but also in the future. Be futuristic indeed! You have to involved spaces and times that people who will use it. Don't just design for art's sake or sturdy or strong. You have to create environments where people will benefit in the coming years, creating a big picture between the relationship of architecture and culture.


To design is to build environment. This is where environmentally sustainable design happened, as far as we called it environmentally conscious design like eco design, etc or to comply with the principles of ecological sustainability.

There is a saying that "Your interior design reflects your culture as much as your environment".

So far, today we will see different buildings that most of it are already giving tribute to city's diverse natural and cultural environment. It's reconnecting people with nature, is a challenging architecture and urban design that are well placed to address. Architects and designers have control over in building environment; by changing the way design cities and buildings to connect to rather disconnect from nature. One of the problem that most architecture and designers are facing is the climate change. A crucial impact that challenge them because these environmental topic appears so distant in designing. How to nurture our environment,  we can harness places grounded in their work unique environment. This way, designers can revive an awareness of natural systems that affect both technical and natural, inventively finding ways to reconnect us with the touch and vibrant of nature wider biological community.

Over the years, like-minded young people have participated in ASIA YOUNG DESIGNERS AWARDS, giving their talent & initiative,  an opportunity to continue doing something that remains important for the rest of their professional lives. It may have been conducive to staying under the sheets, making drafts, designs, concept and ideas,  but to participate in a contest that will help them change and improve their value and showing their potential and possibilities to give impact to a better world. The choices are admittedly speculative, but our batting average has been exceptionally good in our endeavours. That they come out to be part of the award like this and reflects the values of "living at its finest".

If you have the skill & talent to be the next AYDA Winner? Check contest details here, AYDA 2021.  


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