Jolly Claro Palm Oil by Fly Ace Corporation #Review

Oil is very essential in cooking, and when it comes to oil we are very particular what kind of oil we're using. Whether it's made from animal, plants, flowers or chemical synthesis that imitate natural product. All of these can be used in cooking, baking, frying and other use oil for grilling to add flavoring.

I super liked fried fish, chicken and pork. And I don't really mind what oil they used in cooking, as long as I loved the tasted and its satisfies my cravings I'm all in.

Nowadays, I'm so sensitive with what I'm eating. I am more careful and I feel like I'm developing digestive problems from not releasing when I need to. That's why it's better to use the right type of cooking oil.  

There are many kinds of oil in the market, and one of them is Palm Oil.

Palm Oil is extracted from the flesh of the palm fruit. A popular cooking oil in Southeast Asia. It has a high smoke point, making it suitable even for high heat cooking. A semi-solid at room temperature. Palm olein us the liquid part of palm oil.

Jolly Claro Palm Oil is made from 100% pure palm olein. It undergoes a 5-step unique process (3x refined and 2x filtered). That's is why it is clearer and doesn't smell and taste unpleasant.

I was invited to attend an event last July where Jolly Claro Palm Oil was introduced.

A brief introduction about Claro Palm Oil.

  • One of the top palm oil brands in the Philippines (Nielsen Retail Index)
  • Cholesterol-free and fortified with Vitamin A
  • Suitable for all-around, everyday cooking and baking, etc...
  • Available in the following sizes: PET 250ml, PET 1L, PET 2L, SUP 500ml, SUP 1L, SUP 2L
  • Undergoes a five-step process to meet high quality standards 

What are the benefits?

Palm oil has been credited with providing protection against heart disease and its beneficial in preventing cancer because it has tocopherols that are very powerful antioxidants that targets cancerous cells and eradicate the cells completely.

It has a small amount of omega 3 fatty acids that aid in slowing down the loss of cognitive function in patients suffering with Alzheimer's.

It has vitamin D, K, E and A which are all helpful in order to prevent vitamin deficiency in pregnant women and children.

And most importantly, for those who are very conscious of their weight, Claro Palm Oil is a trans-fat free and a better option than edible oils.

We've tried it at home and we use the oil for 6x and still the oil is clear. The smell and taste are the same, it really goes to a high quality refinement process.

Whether you cook/saute it with fish, chicken, etc...

And even if you put it inside the refrigerator for a longer time, the oil is still GOOD!

Jolly Claro is exclusively distributed by Fly Ace Corporation and its now available in the supermarket and groceries nationwide.