Malita Dives: A Sanctuary at Davao Occidental

As soon summer enters the Philippines - I think of travel and beaches!

It's not long before my mind drifts to white sand beaches, azure blue water and eat good sumptuous food. When people think of paradise, chances are they think of tropical island beaches. Wherein they can walk through the sand, drinking coconut water, sun bathing or just lounging around reading books. And yes, it's true tropical island gives you a peaceful escape from a stressful days from work, and when you're there problems of the world melt away, and time slows down.

It was a perfect timing, when Ms. Jojie Alcantara told us that were invited to visit the private resort of Mayor Bradly and Ms. Jean Baustista in Malita, Davao Occidental.

Its not what you think about beaches, we are going to visit a small type of a coastal inlet surrounded by water precipitously-walled and rounded cirque-like openings located at Tubalan Cove of Malita, Davao Occidental.

Dr. Thomas J. Goreau and his team after conducting a research and assessment of the coral reefs in and around Tubalan Cove, discovered that the place has a mix of prime dive sites suitable for ecotourism, and all the damaged areas is badly need of restoration as fisheries habitat.  

That is why people of Malita see to it that the place is watch 24/7 by the Bantay Dagat because they want to preserve and protect the entire sea bed.  Indeed a sanctuary with only one species of the ecologically-fragile cabbage corals. A unique species which covers an area of several hundred hectares and it is likely concluded as corals taken within centuries to form. The presence of these corals colony alone makes Tubalan Cove as one 0f the most  special and unique places in the world for marine biologists and recreational divers plus the Japanese shipwreck that can be seen added attraction to the divers and tourists who loves to visit the place.

Going back to our itinerary. Please take note that our trip is all expense PAID. Meaning it's a FREE trip! So we bring only our SELF + our clothes, cameras, mobile phone, power bank and extra money (in case)!

May 4, 2019. Call time 5am. The van arrived at McDonald MTS at 6am. And we start to travel at 8am. 

Arrive at the boundary of Davao del Sur and Municipality of Sta. Maria, Province of Davao Occidental.


A sanctuary that I stay for two days on an island located at Tubalan Cove, Malita, Davao Occidental and it remains one of the best days of my entire life.

A full-functioning kitchen available, as well, where you can cook your own food. There is no corkage for the items you bring in. And there is also an outdoor grill if you want to have a barbecue.

If you don’t want to cook, the resort also offer buffet lunch and dinner where you can enjoy food specially curated by the resort’s people (of course this will be added to your package fees).

BTW, there will be people assigned to assist you during your stay here at Malita Dives. They are in-charge to segregate your left over food and garbage.

Day Tour:
Package Price: ₱6000
📌 Free use of kitchen ( includes plates, glasses, cups & utensils)
📌 Service: pump boat (from tulay going to Malita Dives)
📌Good for 15pax, excess ₱100/head
📌Room use electric fan only
📌Free use of Kayaking
📌₱3500/hr Banana Boat
📌₱4500/hr Jetski

Night Tour:
Package Price: ₱10,000
📌Free use of kitchen (includes plates, glasses, cups and kitchen utensils). It has also 1 Shower room and 1 Toilet room.
📌Good for 20pax+++ ( excess ₱200)
📌Room use: 1 aircon room with Shower/toilet ( it can accommodate 4-5 pax inside the room), others can use the other part of the place because they have folding beds, banigs and 1 hammock.
📌Service: speed boat (from tulay to Malita Dives)
📌Free use kayaking 📌₱3500/hr banana boat
📌₱4500/hr Jetski
📍No problem with electricity and water supply
📍Just bring your own oling, matches,
📍They also have Videoke machine (additional charge)

NOTE: If you are traveling in a group, you don't have to worry about sleeping arrangements, though they only have one room to accommodate 5 people, the villas are spacious enough to accommodate every person traveling with you.

Malita Dives is perfect place for the whole family, barkada and/or big groups who love to unwind, relax and have a unique parties like debut, anniversary, or just to hang out!

Malita Dives is only 2 hrs and 30 minutes away from Davao City. There is a convenience store, sari-sari stores, and public market nearby in case you need to buy things for your vacation, take note that it is way better to buy all your necessities because remember you are in an inlet.

What we love most about Malita Dives is how accommodating the team is. You will be welcomed by a staff and owner who will offer their help every step of the way. Daghang Salamat Mayor Bradly Bautista and Mrs. Jean Seekins-Bautista.

To Davao Occidental Municipal Tourism Officer, Sir Jing Dañolko.

To Ms. Jojie Alcantara for bringing us to Malita Dives. 

Book and reserve first!

For booking & reservation, you may call Mr. Georgette M. Sagang or Jet Jet
📱0975 561 9694 or 0918 582 5049

For more information:
Municipal Tourism Officer Mr. Jeremiah L. Dañolko
Contact number: GLOBE 0975 595 0517 or SMART 0938 911 5469

Watch video here:

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