I've been looking all over the internet for an online job that will help me to have a realistic income from a comfort of a home and to connect my website to boost page views as well.

I've been in BUBBLEWS since before it was created, that was in the year of 2012,exactly, November 6, 2012.

As far as I can remember, BUBBLEWS that time was still promoting their site as one of another SOCIAL NETWORKING, the only difference was that, if you post, comment, like or dislike, and connect  it has a corresponding sum of money that you can redeemed if it hit a threshold of $25 and now they increases it to $50(great move).

photo credit: Kris Olin via photopin cc

A bit skeptical to sign-up because I am afraid it is just another SCAM. So curious that time and I don't know what this site is all about. Surprisingly, I received my first redemption and so on and so forth. I thought I cannot have my payment because that time they encounter so many problems and technical maintenance repair, the site is always DOWN.

I'm in my 2 years(almost) here at BUBBLEWS, so far so good, though sometimes they still hold the so-called UNDER MAINTENANCE but still glad they don't forget to pay me now. Glad that the people behind BUBBLEWS is doing the BEST to make the site more productive, organize and more BUBBLIER(so thrilled to know that it has now million active users).

I've been working hard and now I can see a good result from BUBBLEWS.  Being a member of the fastest growing social networking site, the BUBBLEWS, my great pleasure working with them.  It helps me shared and encourage people to link to my website and read my blog post and I am now comfortable making comments or posting as well.

So excited for this post at the site: "we've all been waiting for it... Reading from ARVIND-BUBBLEWS CEO post dated July 14, 2014

I will keep this one short and sweet. Something is coming and it is coming soon. 

What?  Is this another format of Bubblews? Another NEW BUBBLEWS?  

THIS IS GREAT!!!  So excited to unwrap the NEWS....LET IT GO...LET IT GO....hahahahaha.....HAPPY!