How Clubbing Changed the World

Clubbing is a real deal now.  I know people of my age like to go clubbing after the hard work they have from the office, but it doesn't interest me that much.  Actually, I am a homebody person, I don't want to go to a club, I rather stay at home and chill out with my family and relatives. But I guess now that I am into making an event, seeing all the DJ's playing, spinning and mixing music. The feeling of "I am ENVIOUS of their HAPPINESS" and at the FACT that you can see the world through their MUSIC, its incredible how people interact with the DJ's and how clubbing change the world, it also changes my ideas and belief in life.

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CLUBBING is a UK cultural phenomenon.

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United Kingdom embarked on this kind of RAVE culture and it delivers a huge impact to the people now a days, the dance music which sustain a massive appeal in Chicago but make its big break commercially in the UK. And now it highlighted the lifestyle of the young people here in the Philippines, especially Davao City.

The fact that we are filled with a lot of mix culture, tradition, color and creeds we
naturally belong to an ART root which is intrinsic to a high quality of life. The MUSIC gives different output and atmosphere played by DJ's who have a major role in song selection, giving a memento and adding some narrative aspects in doing the DJ thingy.   

Taking in the TOP 3 VENUES of today's DISCO BAR here in Davao: STARR, CLUB VELVET and ACROPOLIS SUPERCLUB it has a big influence to the genres of today, that is to me one of my favorite living here in the metropolis.

Maybe some of you will disagree because you have that NOTION that CLUBS has a connection to DRUGS, which is I beg to disagree. Here in Davao City, DRUG is prohibited. So, if you want to visit or transfer to Davao, DRUG TRAFFICKING is a SUICIDE!  

There is always a positive outcome of it that is Davao as a region composed of 5 provinces: COMVAL, Davao Del Norte, Davao Del Sur, Davao Oriental, Davao City and Davao Occidental. This means that having other cultural diversities here in Davao added by the mix taste of music and how great the foreign influences, our Filipino music is still indispensable. Regardless of what culture we have here in Davao when it comes to music we are ONE! 


This year 2014, people prefer to dance and go Club Bar Hopping irrespective how much the entry fee they still love to come. Which means that DANCE MUSIC is very popular and its getting bigger than ever. It's so ubiquitous because you can see it everywhere and people know more of it. For example, the EDM or the ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC. Once you heard it played by the DJ's everyone will surely DANCE and JUMP for JOY and LAUGHTER, hearing their song being played initial reaction is to SING with it as well!

CLUBBING plays a vital role in promoting and introducing new music to young people and also for the young at hearts, with the DJ who does not focus to play dub-step or house. They also play TRANCE or EDM, or a TECHNO, BASS, JUNGLE, HARDCORE and etc. Playing with different genres that their audiences will love and I think this is a really good thing.

Adding here is the way we wear our clothes, CLUBBING hit FASHION Lifestyle. Fashion and music connect in ways one could not imagine. Because music affect our mood, the experience of having it and believing in it that MUSIC can make difference in the world as with our personal fashion lifestyle.

Music gives color to the air of the moment. ~said by the Internationally famous designer Karl Lagerfeld      

For better understanding on HOW CLUBBING CHANGED THE WORLD, here's a video documentary on the impact that EDM had on clubbing in the UK and the rest of the world by IDRIS ELBA an English television, theater and film actor.