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Summer is over, and the month of June is here!  It's finally the time to head on and prepare our children for the coming school year. Maybe for some especially the students, it's a very exciting time. But for others, especially parents it can be the most stressful month of the year.

There are lot to consider if you want to ensure that your kids will get great first day at school. This is base on what I've learned during the past years of my Tweens in their Elementary or Primary years. Normally, preparing for school usually starts in the last couple of weeks before class starts, this is the major fail for most parents because for me --- summer is the most appropriate time to prepare for school both to the parents and students.


1. Be busy and enjoy summer.  I let my children join different workshop offered by DepED. A Dance Workshop for my youngest since she loves to dance.

And for my eldest because she loves music, she joined Flute Recorder's Club.

Joining different workshop/sports this summer will make your kids summer a fun day. 

2. Continue learning over this summer. 
The workshop will not just help your kids to be attentive in a long hot days, but also make their summer not to be boring at all. I let them play their computers/mobile for 2 hours just to simply keeping their brain in the habit of learning such as by watching films, history or national geographic to give them an extra advantage when it comes to going back to school.

3. Spend time with friends that will be attending same school. And keep learning by bonding.

There's no problem with this, because my children have a lot of friends here in our community and most of them go with the same school and ride with the same van (a small school bus).

4. As early as possible, you need to purchase school supplies to avoid too much Stress!
In the previous years, when my children are still in their primary years, we wait for their teacher advisers to give the requirements during enrollment. Now that they are in middle school or in high school, I see to it that I purchase supplies that are certainly needed for the first day, the likes of:

You need to have a scientific calculator and a graphing paper, if your child is doing mathematics.

An intermediate and a yellow paper, use virtually all classes. Need to buy a single stack of  this because this is use throughout the school year.

A hand-sanitizer for protection.

A portable USB drive/stick, for saving computer work.

***And to follow other school supplies like scissors, eraser, rulers, crayons, correction tape/liquid eraser, art papers, ruler, etc..


In the Philippines, classes starts on June 13, 2016.

1. Getting to school. I don't have problem with my two girls getting to school, they ride on the same van with our children's neighbor and they know how to ride on a public vehicle going to school and home.

But here's a tip for the first time parents whose children are now in high school or in grade 7, by now arrange reliable transport or help your children figure out how they'll be getting to school without us guiding them. Well it's not yet too late to teach your children how to ride on a public vehicle. Tomorrow, Saturday June 11, you can have time with your kids by riding a jeepney school route for them to familiarize the streets. Or if you have a car, a quick ride over will help your children to feel relax. 

And if your living close enough to the school, a good morning walk is much better and a good way to exercise.

2. Clean the room the night before. During summer days, my tweens always forget to clean their room especially the bed, since they like to sleep the whole day while doing mobile surfing and cleaning their own cabinet. Well, as a single mom, I let them play with their mobile for 2 hours then after eating, going back to their room again and went into the same routine. Though sometimes they help me manage my shop and still the same they forget to clean their bed. But school is nearing, well I will let them clean their bed because they won't have as much time for things like cleaning.

3. Check uniforms (buttons, zippers and/or shoes & socks still fit) if it is okay to use for the school year. Choose the right uniform and lay it or hang it properly. Remember,  a good impression last. Make sure that you don't break school rules regarding school uniforms.

4. Get at least 8 hours of sleep. I told my tweens now that by Sunday, June 12, no more computers. Cellphone should be charge properly (it means OFF). No more overnight snacks and watching movies. Getting enough sleep is more important especially for 16 years or younger. Change the sleeping habit that you have in summer.


1. Wake up early. Set your alarm and drink cold water. I always tell my tweens to drink cold water, because it will give their body a jolt of energy to get through the morning.

2. Have a nice long shower. Make sure you're clean and look fresh. And always check your clock if you still have time to change for uniform(if you have change of mind on what to wear) and ample time to eat breakfast and by not getting late for the 1st day of school.

3. Eat a full and nutritious breakfast. Do not skip breakfast in your first day going to school. A strong and healthy breakfast can help you for the rest of the day. And since my tweens love bacon and egg, I need to prepare myself for my grocery list too!

4. Don't forget to brush teeth after eating.

5. Be at the school 15 minutes early. Since my tweens time is 7:15 AM they have to be there at 7AM or 6:30AM to avoid traffic.

So parents, especially the WAHM (work at home mom), need not to feel STRESS - do it earlier to avoid stressful day and have the grocery lists prepare to avoid cramming on what to buy. 


  1. Back when we were still students, we come to school at least an hour early and we were always among the earliest (sometimes even arriving when the school gates were still closed). We did not want to be late! :)

  2. Great tips for mothers this coming school year and really, early preparation begets readiness and time saving. Well, as always, this time of the year... that financial status getting drained into a highest level.

  3. That's one heck of a list. My friend put her child in school this year and the kid just enjoys school. He went up straight with a broad smile, chose a seat for him abd start led making new friends while most other kids were crying..

  4. I agree. Preparing ahead of time can really lessen the stress especially because of the pressure of starting a new school year.

  5. It helps a lot when you prepare in advance. It can save you cost and leave relaxed on the start of school.

  6. This is just a wonderful post for all mums to kindly prepare ahead of school time for their kids. Nice tips, keep it ups. Kindly also visit

  7. I am not used to my girls starting their semester on August because we all used to do it around this time. These are all very good reminders, it's important to keep them active during the summer and to make sure they are well rested and prepared for the first day of school.

  8. Currently my kids have holidays. All these tips are great to follow!

  9. It's quite struggling indeed. Preparing for the school can be a little tough most especially for moms who have their kids' very first time in school.

  10. Haha... Busiest for parents but happiest time for kids because no need to wake up early! I can hardly think of my turn having a kid and having to deal with all these little details! Goodness!

  11. Very nice post.Only mother can tell that how much hard it is make the kid to school specially he is a small kid. You pointed right that we should start their schooling from home as its rightly said Home is very school for any kid and mother is first teacher.

  12. I agree, going back and prepping for school is really very stressful for mums. I only had 2 hours of sleep the night before because I finished covering my 1st grader's books and notebooks. Next year, I will make sure to shop for supplies a lot earlier and cover everything in advance so I do not have to cram and rush.

    Great tips you got there, by the way!

  13. Wow did not know that there are so many factors to look into when we have children. Thanks for the guide to all the parents.


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