Assembly of Contact Center and BPO Workers for Duterte #ACWforDU30 #Duterte2016 #DU30 #BPOforDuterte

ASSEMBLY OF CONTACT CENTER WORKERS FOR DUTERTE, April 30, 3PM, at Rizal Park, Davao City, an OPEN INVITATION to those working or who have worked in a BPO whether an agent, a team leader, a manager, a trainer, a workforce or a quality analyst, or part of the admin, IT, accounting, back office team or an online home-based.

I got invited to the said event and without hesitation, I said YES. It was an event not to miss!

I've been hearing news that one of the Presidentiables is claiming that he is the father of the Business Process Outsourcing industry in the Philippines and I greatly opposed that news!

FYI, the so-called BPO industry had already landed here in the Philippines in early 1996. And by the early 2000's, I saw the entrenched boost up of the said industry. I  started working as a Call Center Agent at Link2Support (CONCENTRIX now) way back December 2006 and this is the time wherein the BPO industry is souring high in terms of employment and profit. While he is responsible of the pushing of the "Make IT Philippines", whatever direct hand LP Presidentiable Mar Roxas have, if any, is just minimal. For me, he is not the FATHER OF THE BPO INDUSTRY!


The event start with a motorcade, participated by different BPO Companies like CONCENTRIX, CONVERGYS, SUTHERLAND, EGS Philippines, and many more.

While some avail the FREE SHIRT PRINTING, others are busy registering their names to be counted.



While waiting for the motorcade to arrive, we have a great time listening to the music played by DJ Pau.

The BPO Workers, responsible for contributing 5.1% to the economy!

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Contact Center/BPO Workers owe nothing to Mar Roxas, Aquino and the entire Liberal Party!

And this is a CALL TO UNITE all BPO's  here in Davao City not to be afraid to go out and support Duterte.

Photo credit to Elvin Cainglet

Congratulations to all the ACW organizers!!!

Photo credit to Joy Angco

We have shared one common goal to let the people know that we SUPPORT our Mayor Rody Duterte, though some are hindering us to support him due to politicking.

If there's such a legacy that Mar Roxas left to the BPO industry, it is the "self-regulating practice" that paves the way for workers' vulnerability to exploitation and oppression". ~BIEN (short for the BPO Industry Employees Network)  

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