"Run Duterte Run" Fun Run For Federalism #PhilippineFederalism #RunDuterteRun #MayorDuterteForPresident2016

When I first heard about the "Run Duterte Run" Fun Run activity, I promise myself to join the said event.

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*Magsaysay Park, Davao City

The activity was set today, May 23, 4:30AM at Magsaysay Park. By the way, the said run is simultaneously done nationwide with Manila and Cebu.

This run is organized by a group of Barangay captain here in Davao City, which aim to unite people to support FEDERALISM and urge Mayor Rody Duterte to run for President in the upcoming National Election in 2016.

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 *Manila Run Duterte Run: Running from Coastal to CCP 5K

I am overwhelmed to see flock of people supporting Mayor Rody Duterte, not just here in Mindanao but also in Luzon and Visayas.

"Run Duterte Run"
Fun Run; Uniwide Coastal Mall Paranaque
To PICC Grounds Pasay City
May 23,2015
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In Mindanao, regarding Federalism campaign, I can say that most of the people are all in favor with Federalism. For some of the cities in Luzon and Visayas also favor the Federalism, but still need to raise awareness with other parts of the cities and municipalities to campaign for this program.

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The "Run Duterte Run" Fun Run is very  successful, with the help of different religious sector, LGU's and Mindanao tribes in endorsing Federalism campaign and make Federalism an alternative for BBL, in order to unite Christian and Muslims. And the conflict between the two will not worsen, that is the main purpose of Federalism and why Duterte is the right person to lead the campaign.

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The run end at Rizal Park.

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But for those who would like to join the second league, a FREE Run will be conducted tomorrow, May 24, 5AM, Sunday, from Freedom Park to Rizal Park.


  1. I too believe that more efforts are needed to raise awareness for Federalism. I mean, I'm in favor for it for Davao but I'm still not sure for other places in our country as we all know, the officials seated are corrupt. Davao is very lucky to have a Mayor such as Duterte.

  2. I hope he declares his candidacy for a higher post. It's time to have a fresh face in the national post to eliminate trapos. - KarenT