Teachers: Learned From Your Mistakes and Apologized #DepED #RightsofChildreninSchool

As a former student and a graduate of a prestigious school, I have experienced ups and down and observed how our school discipline, support and respect their students from moving up and learning in specific way.

So sad to say that my daughters school(a public school)in Davao City, as I have observed that children's basic rights are often ignored.(A disclaimer: I am referring to my children's school, and I am not citing that all public schools are like this)

Happened during the commencement exercise of my youngest daughter, when her name is not listed in the program to receive LOYALTY AWARD, though her name was called during Recognition Day as one of the recipient of the said award, the fact that her name is not listed in the program during graduation is a big issue to her part.

The Program was distributed one day before the graduation. My daughter went home crying, telling me that her name is not included in the list of the program. For her, she has waited for this for so many years, that this will make her day a day.

When we adults refuse to work jointly with our child natural development, we create immense, unnecessary suffering towards the part of our children. A scenario like this is seemingly harmless experiences for us as adult, but for a child this kind of an occasional event being denied the right to be listed, can leave a trauma and health problems that are carried as they grow up an adult.

Frustrated? YES, I too feel frustrated that I cannot STOPPED holding my disappointment and I tried to comfort her with these words:

Screenshot from my FB Timeline

Honor's, Awards, Trophies aren't everything. I don't have ill feelings or bitterness that my daughter is not included in the TOP 10, but to appreciate and recognize my daughter through looking at the program with her name listed is what I want to point out here. Nothing else matters aside from seeing your child receiving all the recognition's but also to see her happy with the things she achieved honestly and fairly. 

I've heard that this also happened a year ago, same situation,and many parents complain about it. But you've never had the courage to say "SORRY", but rather choose to be quiet. 

You did not make any improvements! 

No matter how busy you are during the preparation, teacher assigned must grant the right to take care of their student's bodily needs. To forget to put their name in the program is not acceptable, knowing that we are in the 21st century.

(1) Wrong spelling of name or misspelled name.

Jeanille and not Jeanil.

(2) Name not listed.

As teachers, both are not acceptable in the EXAM. You are strict about this, right? Wrong spelling is wrong!!!

Proof read first before making a final copy of the program, make sure everyone is listed. That PROGRAM is not a paper, that after its use, it is being thrown in the trash. For me and for others as well it serves as a remembrance, a sentimental value that they've graduated in the Primary Level.

As I've said, we are in the 21st centuries, not a valid reason to tell me that you forget and you are in a hurry making the program, because it is easy to edit and delete records or programs/files now, for facilities are so much more sophisticated than they were back then.

Why does my reaction force me to write and convulse and make noise?  You will say that I am too ridiculous or exaggerated. Yes, because I am a mother. And as a mother, I want my child to be treated in a fair manner.

I did not send my daughter to school to be humiliated and be discriminated. If parents are their HOME MODEL for discipline and respect, then TEACHERS should be their SCHOOL MODEL too. To receive protection and take responsibility for his/her own well-being and for the child's well-being.

I know how children admire their teachers because they are the second parents to them. They respect, follow and admire their teachers very much and if you will ask them, who is that someone they like to put in a pedestal---their answer will be their TEACHERS. And I too agree to that, they're are our society HEROES, because my parents are both teachers too!

#TheRightsoftheChild is a very basic human rights. For me children's right starts from her/his educational environment. I hope this will be an awakening for others especially teachers, though my sentiments here are too low(for others not a big issue), but this will raise awareness for so delicate or precise abuse and hidden suffering occur in schools every day, that not parents are aware of.

Teachers should allow their students to be comfortable in their learning environment, an atmosphere that parents will feel better if they see their children more happier and not to go home crying because of neglection, discrimination, and seeing your child emotionally and intellectually drained.

Our children will gain many opportunities if they will experience TRUE, HONEST, and FAIR learning's from the teachers. They will accept it will JOY that leads them to a lifelong LOVE for KNOWLEDGE, BEHAVIORS, SKILLS, VALUES  and appreciate the things around them.



  1. Your insistence would also let your child feel that they are valued. Teachers should be careful when doing programs and ensure control and review measures are in place.

    1. I agree Franc, the next time they do program they have to be very careful with the spellings and see to it all the names of their students are properly listed.

  2. Thank is sad to know. Your children is lucky to have a parent like you who is willing to "fight" for her right. I hope that things will be better in her school. ;)

  3. Same thing happened to me, to my 7 year old daughter. This is one of the biggest reasons why we are switching/changing school next school year.

  4. You are right, awards, trophies, medals, etc are just accessories. But to kids who work hard to earn them, this is all that they have. This experience serves as a good lesson for everyone involved. Your child will grow stronger and be stronger for she knows you fought for her. Kudos to you mom!

  5. Honors and awards are great reminders that a student is once a disciplined and responsible. Teachers who made mistakes in spelling should be reprimanded by the school administrators or the principal.

  6. I may react as a school head. It is a gross negligence on the part of the teacher concerned not to check several times her list of graduates, her program and most especially the correct spelling of the name of her pupils or students. The child will surely be affected especially if she is an achiever and also her parents will also be affected. As I have said it is a "gross negligence" and it creates a bad reputation to the school as a whole. It's good that you've understood it and pacified your daughter about it and given her an encouragement.

    1. Yes, sir Gil the disappointment is too overwhelming. I haven't talk with the principal but given the chance I will really tell her about what happened.

  7. you are doing the right thing mom! might as well write a letter to school so that they maybe aware of their mistakes for as what you have said it is not the first time that happen. Calling their attention bout this issue will for sure help improve the preparation during the said event

    1. Thanks Dorry, I will do that and i will make an update about this.

  8. nakakainis how they take the souvenir program lightly. for such an important event i can't believe they have to guts to misspell names! akala siguro nila maliit na bagay lang un na madaling palampasin, but no. :( you have all the rights to complain about this, esp kung taon taon na lang may ganitong negligence na nagaganap. nakakadisappoint :( still, congrats to your daughter! hope it doesn't happen again! <3

  9. I can truly relate what it feels like for a mom to see her child's frustrations and disappointments. Quality for most public schools definitely changed through the years.