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For 38 years in my life, living here in Davao City, electricity has been a luxury and I can't remember that my parents struggle in preparing food and get household chores using electricity. Though I never forget that there comes a time, that was on May 21, 1990 as far as I can remember that we need to minimize the use of electricity to conserve power---called DST or Daylight Saving Time.

DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME, when clock was turned forward 1 hour. When I have to wake up early because my school time is 7 o'clock in the morning(when 7 becomes 6 o'clock). For the first time, Philippines experienced a daylight saving time during the ousted Marcos dictatorship, and in between 1986 and 1998 under Pres. Corazon Aquino and Fidel Ramos. The main reason is to alleviate the energy crisis by minimizing the use of number of hours in electricity, to utilize and consume energy power, this way we can make better use of the natural light.

Now that I am a mother, I experienced how to feel inconvenient in paying my electricity bills and to see the ordeal on how it increases with all the scheduled brownouts. And with all the things that happened to our mother earth, like typhoon, floods, earthquake,'s not God's fault; blamed it all to us!

The GLOBAL WARMING and CLIMATE CHANGE, these two correlate with each other. Though Global Warming refers to a recent and ongoing increase of our global average temperature, like the increases concentration of greenhouse gases that produces carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This causes CLIMATE PATTERN to change. This is where CLIMATE CHANGE occurs, when the layer of greenhouse gas is getting thicker, in which our mother EARTH becomes warmer and this is very dangerous. The tremendous use of fossil fuels that destroy our earth atmosphere will have an ecological impact that we on earth will suffer.

Sounds scary!  Yes, it is if we don't know how to care of our Mother Earth...we will surely SUFFER.


Since 2008 when WWF-Philippines launches the Earth Hour, I take part in this advocacy and I believe that in switching OFF our light we can make help solve our energy problem.

Earth Hour's global focus is to use the power of the crowd and by engaging the people to make a change to CLIMATE CHANGE.


Our country really suffered a lot with so much typhoon and has had to adapt to climate change ahead than most other countries. We are called to make a "BAYANIHAN"(a fellowship), to join hand in hand spreading the effect of climate change.

For this year, EARTH HOUR is focusing their advocacy in giving light to those people that up to now are still living in the dark due to lack of access to electricity, to give the GIFT OF LIGHT.

Until now, we still have places here in the Philippines that uses kerosene just to light up their houses. EARTH HOUR will distribute solar-powered lamps to 200 families on the island of Beton, Northern Palawan. So that children will be able to study at night without taking a risk of fire and to help them to stop from buying expensive kerosene. 



In the spirit of promoting a meaningful climate solution, we are called especially the FAMILY to stay at home and observe the switching hour through low carbon means.

Or you can join the SWITCH-OFF EVENT at Felcris Centrale in celebrating EARTH HOUR.


You can help ease the energy crisis we have experiencing today, by following these you can SAVE ENERGY and help change CLIMATE CHANGE.


  1. A very nice information that is really worth to read for. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Looking forward for the country to be enveloped in the dark of the night as we celebrate earth hour.

  3. I participate in this advocacy every year and i hope this time many will join the call.- KarenT

  4. I will definitely join this Earth Hour tonight. For the future of our beloved mother Earth :) <3

  5. Been part of it since last year and did it again this day.

  6. joining this is truly a help to save mother nature

  7. I've been participating in Earth Hour since it started here in the country. I hope more people will take this seriously and appreciate its importance.

  8. Glad you're advocating this! We really should be conserving energy as much as possible. We're heavy in recycling and re-using in our family too.