#MOVEUPMonday Single Parent Shoutout

Having that feeling and you wanted to share --- express and say what's the best thing about being a single parent! Then post your #MOVEUPMonday commitments on your journal, Facebook Timeline, or even TWEET it now!

I remember when I need to take my kids to the park, then suddenly I burst into tears, looking at the bag I have to carry full of baby thingy --- the diapers, bottles, toys and the trash things needed to be disposed after using. I thought to myself --- Can I carry all these stuffs for long? Can I manage myself doing it alone? Who's here to help me?

#MOVEUP you're okay. Everything is okay.

Now my girls are grown up and they are here to help me. I said to myself --- Maybe that time I am so emotional, exhausted, stressed(financially and mentally). I was stuck in that moment of forecasting my life what will happened to us. The reality of being on my own having kids, bills to pay, where to get income, etc...

#MOVEUP you can do it! I can do it!

For 9 years, I can say that being a single parent, experiencing the ups and down, facing and dealing with difficult and demanding status, at the end there is always a rewards coming from your children.


I am blessed to have two girls, both are brave and talented. They are strong enough to stand by me and help me surpassed all the challenges in life. We hit so many bumps along the road and turns perfectly good along the way.  This is the joy of being a single parent, through rough times and good times --- I AM FULFILLED!



  1. kids are gifts from God. You are blessed to have two. time passes by so fast that they are already no longer babies and they are grown up now willing to be by your side...

  2. How I wish to be a single mother.. ha, ha,ha,,,, just kidding. But kidding aside, you did a hell of a god job.

  3. You are amazing as a single parent. I'm sure your kids appreciate all your efforts.

  4. Brave enough to be a single parent. More blessings awaits you.

  5. Single parents/Single ladies will find your posts really great. Single moms are the best moms. Why? While doing your job as a mom, you must also act like a dad sometimes :).

  6. You have been a strong mother and I'm sure you've raised wonderful kids. THis post is inspiring especially those to single moms too

  7. i can only imagine when you were still at that difficult part of your life...but am happy how youd motivated yourself..God bless!