Replacement For Lost BIR Taxpayer Identification Number Card #TINCard

This is my personal experience in getting a replacement for my lost BIR TIN card.

I got my first BIR TIN card when I am still working at SM-WATSONS Phils. Davao, but in the year 2005 I loss my wallet 5 days before my resignation takes effect. I immediately report it to our Human Resource Department, but since I am going out of the company, our Asst.Personnel passes a report regarding my problem to the BIR Head Office here in Davao. After a week, I receive a call from our personnel that I have to visit the BIR District Office and secure a duly notarized AFFIDAVIT OF LOSS.

I went to the BIR District Office(formerly located fronting Assumption Church, F.Torres, Davao City) there I was given a BIR FORM 1905 attached with the affidavit of loss and file it to Window 2. I've waited for almost an hour then someone approached me and extracted me to go at the back of the bldg. and get my temporary ID in a sheet of a paper. Since I'm not already working and I'm not in a hurry to get my TIN ID CARD, I went home. 

But in a while, if I have the chance to pass by the BIR office, I always ask the in-charge if my ID is already ready and this is the reasons I've always heard from them, "THE MACHINE IS OUT OF ORDER", "THE IN-CHARGE OF THE ID IS OFF DUTY","THE IN-CHARGE IS ABSENT", "IN THE PROCESS" etc... Honestly, I got tired with their reasons and I don't bother to go back and get my card again.

Many years have passed or should I say exactly 10 years now, I met a friend who has a friend who is working at the BIR Office and I finally remember my TIN ID CARD. And this is true, I will not disclose my friends' name but this is actually true. 

She told me that she has a friend connected with the BIR and she can help me regarding my problem, but I have to pay PHp300 for that. And because I need another ID for my BANK RENEWAL REQUIREMENT, I grab the said opportunity.

And by the next day.


Just my say, I know that my friend's friend is just helping, but asking for an amount of PHp300 to process a REPLACEMENT for a Lost BIR TIN Card or a Damaged TIN Card is too much, as I know you only have to pay PHP100-150 for a replacement/damaged card.

I admit I make a wrong move here, as I've said I grab it because I needed the card badly. I don't have a choice, because I know same tune of music I will be hearing if I will visit BIR Office again.

Nevertheless, I already have my card and I am happy to have it. Though I am thankful now that I get my LONG LOST REPLACEMENT for my BIR TIN CARD, I am just wondering how about the others who have the same problem like me. Do they need to wait for a friend who has a friend working at the BIR just to get their ID Replacement? Do they need to pay PHp300 in order to get the said card?

For those who want to apply for a Taxpayer Identification Number, visit here >>>> TIN 

To check the address and contact numbers of Regional Offices visit here >>> RO

For the Revenue District Offices, visit here >>>> RDO


  1. It's a bit difficult dealing with BIR as sometimes they redirect to different RDOs and processes. It's good that you had your card already.

  2. Hi question lang, ano meaning nung number s likod ng ID? thanks

  3. hi po maam raine. Taga santa cruz dvao del sur po ako. nwala ko po yong TIN Id ko nong ngpunta ako sa davao nong april 17. totoo po tlagang mabagal yong processing nla don?

    1. Try mo n lang po now..kasi in my takes years to get my ID.

  4. Maam,sir ung tin id ko po nawala pano ko po maduplicate ung tin id ko?

    1. Visit BIR po. They are the only one in charge to replace your ID.