I really don't know what happened to our Customer Service Industry right now.  Just recently, I have this bad experience with a CSR from a prestigious company who don't know how to handle customers complaints and queries. Just in front of us she uttered bad words and shouted as to WAIT for our turn. This is not good for the company or any other establishment to have an employee like this, having this kind of attitude.

I remember when I am still studying in college, my first job is to work as a Customer Service Representative or a CSR at RCPI-Bayantel (Legazpi Branch-Davao). I admit I don't have that kind of a training on how to handle the position I have, apart from answering calls, sending and receiving FAX Simile telegraphs/letters, and etc.

The only thing I know that I have to TALK with the customers and by ANSWERING them promptly with grace and respect.


I love talking.

We all love talking whether we are in the office, school, universities or in public. That's good especially if you use it rightly without doing no harm to others. You are sociable and outgoing person and this is a major draw to become a good CUSTOMERS SERVICE AGENT/REPRESENTATIVE. But if you are shy and afraid to communicate with strangers, well CUSTOMERS SERVICE JOB is a NO NO for you.


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I love to help.

This is our primary role aside from answering queries and attending complaints. We are here to extend our hands in order to help and resolves costumers issues. We have to know them better.


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Together we can.

All through out the day, your time is focus in dealing various costumers issues. But never forget that doing it by team or a group you can easily handle things smoothly without dealing the dramas and workloads. I mean build a team for costumers satisfaction.

I know that this job requires proper knowledge but there is no job that can truly give you happiness unless you know how to become a FLEXIBLE PERSON.


Having this kind of attitude you will become a GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT and this will benefit you in your next career moves.

Remembering my WATSONS days, when tatay HENRY SY, Sr. visited our MALL BRANCH-075, he said this words: "A POSITIVE ATTITUDE AT WORK will GIVE YOU GOOD SALE".


  1. WillieEvangelista - your'e right...having a good attitude is one must HAVE a CSR..