Clean Up Messy Wires in Davao City

We all get more and more tethered to our electronic devices, wire management is a challenge almost everyone faces, especially here in Davao City, everyone sees the cluttered wires all around.

Messy Wires isn't just ugly but also dangerous. 

(c) Councilor Leo Avila

The best answer is to create a plan which takes preparation from planning and healthy dose of constructions.  Thanks so much that one of our City Councilor, Mr. Leo "Happy L.A" Avila 111 make a recommendation for this in order to solve this problem. An ordinance that will regulate wires, cable lines, and poles used by different utility companies. He too suggested a feasibility study of underground wires and cables that will permanently STOP #MessyWires here in our city.

Mounting wires, cables and other components to a hidden places will surely make our place nice to see, no more eyesore.

Wires are inevitable component of our lives, but minimizing how much we see them will give our place a very serene and clean city, a safe and a beautiful place to live.

UNTANGLED THIS NOW!  Dabawenyos wanted to see organized cables and wire heap. 

As a discipline citizens of Davao City will support the #CleanUpMessyWiresinDavao campaign!

Let us all support Councilor Leo Avila advocacy.  

If this is approved and well implemented this will be another FIRST in Philippine history.  

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