I WISH THEY TAUGHT MONEY IN HIGH SCHOOL - So I Can Start My Own Business Right Away

This is the second book I've read from LIFESTYLE UPGRADE.

If you can still remember the first book I've reviewed here is about a PAYCHECK. That having a Paycheck is not an assurance to become successful in life. That being dependent in a paycheck means you are dependent on your current spending so better STOP living with paycheck!

Book number two(2), the idea here is to give you guidelines on how to start your own business. Here, I'm presenting you my personal input about the book.

photo credit: REGUSmedia via photopin cc

As I said, I am a Marketing Graduate both my parents are teachers, even my relatives are in Education so I don't have any idea about business world.  But embracing BUSINESS been a gradual process for me.

During my On-The-Job Training, I was greatly challenge with the company assigned for me. 

AVON is the most highly socialized selling company in terms of cosmetics, accessories and fashion. Many women began working outside the home and getting socialize in selling the product. 
I was amazed with this kind of networking business that AVON has to offer to its customers.  And I said, even if I am just a student, I can try this line and have my own business as a DEALERThen that's the PATH I follow.


Know your strength and weaknesses in dealing business.  This is your step if you actually like it or not, you need to possess clarity in knowing what path you want in your life.

As years passed, I grew tired in networking maybe because I am still a graduating student that time and need to concentrate in my subjects and dissertation.  So I quit my work as a dealer, and concentrate first with my studies.

After graduation, I determine to find work that will compensate me well in return.  I work at RCPI-Bayantel(now WESTERN UNION) as Customer Service Representative but my work here last only for six months.  Then I look for another job and landed in SM WATSONS Philippines(formerly Health & Beauty), work for five years and I resign.  Why?  To look for a better way of life with clarity today that I have a family.

Confuse and don't know where to start, with no capital at all and amidst with all the negative impression, that having a business you should have a BIG CAPITAL to start. I am still determine to have my own business.

With the assistant of my father's GSIS Pension, I have opened a small internet shop just in our residential area.  Starting with 3 units and then gradually increasing by 2 and now I have 6 computer units at my shop and planning to add another 2 units next month.


This is the business that I love to have, it's my dream business. 

And asking me about my per capita, well it has a stable income and I love the increasing out pour of blessings that this business gives me.


Agree with the authors phrase here, that in everything you do give your 100% trust and strength.  The will power to acquire the business you love and will give you satisfaction in life.

TRUST yourself and GIVE YOUR STRENGTH in dealing businesses, because YOU DESERVE THE BEST OF EVERYTHING!

And added mine here, DO IT WITH SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE.  Through the application of correct principles and being sensitive to the feelings of others.



  1. This seems like an interesting book to read. True that most of the things we learned at high school are not enough to help us start our own business or pursue our interests...

  2. I totally agree with your strategy in doing business. But at least, you undergone such awesome employments as a training ground for you to uplift, up to this moment. Keep it up and level up in the future.