There are matters that we necessitate to take on if we are caught in blame. A reason that can spare us from a questionable scenario.

The NY Lemon Law is so detailed on the important things that we must undertake in buying cars.  Here, the City of New York make a law that will protect buyers in buying "LEMON" cars. 

What is a LEMON? A car that is unsafe, inefficient, or had a repeated problems or defect that substantially impair its use, value or safety.   

Here is a graph that will give you an idea how it works: 

The New York's New Car Lemon Law compels the manufacturer of such car to make necessary repairs, refund your money or replace the vehicle.  

For me, this will really help buyers to be vigilant in having LEMON cars, take the necessary precaution in dealing such cars that will risk your life at end. It is clearly stated in the graph that buying a new car you must observe and follow all the guidelines.  So before you spend money, do some research on how to buy safe and reliable car.

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I know many salesperson will encourage you to buy new or used cars, so what are the things to consider in buying cars?

  1. SAFETY RATINGS and FAIR VALUES - Do a research on what car you're going to buy. SAFETY RATINGS are an important to consider. Pick your choice and narrowed down to a few models or just pick one model, before getting into a car lot.  Don't forget to take down notes, like PRO's and CON's of the car values.  Much easier if you look it online and see your choices; KELLY BLUE BOOK and EDMUNDS.

  2. THE COST OF THE CAR - in order to be protected in a LEMON LAW you must purchased a car worth $1500 US DOLLARS.

  3. INSURANCE and WARRANTIES - these are very important in buying cars.  AUTO SERVICE CONTRACTS a promise to perform such repairs and services in case of any car problem occurs, though it is not consider a warranty but an obligation of a car dealer. A new car is already have a warranty when you purchased it, while a used car may come with some type of warranty coverage.  But in a LEMON CAR LAW both are the same, Auto Dealers in NY are obliged to give written warranties on an engine of a vehicle both new and used.

  4. CAPACITY and DURABILITY OF THE CAR - in a LEMON LAW you must used the car for a test drive and it must be driven less than 100,000 miles at the time of purchase.  Very important to have it TEST, wherein you will know how far the car can be used.  Know the machines of the car if it still working good, like the SPEED, ACCELERATION and POWER TEST.  And I think car SPEEDOMETER is also important this will measure how much speed you access.

Purchasing a car can be a thrill for those who loves bargaining.  And for most of the people like me it is a nerve-racking, especially those who buy a car in a car lot, so better CHECK your Local LEMON LAWS this will save you from an deceitful car dealers.

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