Trick Shot Titus Ashby

With two girls, though I love them so much, I am still longing to have a little boy.  I always dreamed of having a large family maybe because I am the only child in our family.

Just browsing around to find some information online I stop when I saw a video of a little boy who is very cute and who loves to play basketball.  I've heard so many stories of a kid who are prodigies of chess, math, science, and all kinds of amazing stuff that are fantastic and so amazing, but this 2 year old Titus Ashby made me awe so shocking with disbelief, shouting having seen him quite that young but very Phenom in basketball.

So love that I want to have a child like him. Consider to have a three children.  Hahahaha, Why not?!


Been shooting hoops the day he learn to walk. His father Joseph Ashby uploaded so many videos of Titus spectacular basketball shots via YouTube and been watched by almost 13 million times.


Is that unbelievable between 18 and 24 months he can do that over and over without missing one shot?

Trick Shot Titus as what the audiences called him in every TV appearance he's going.

Practice makes you perfect, but not to Titus.
He's naturally great on his talent and that is PERFECTLY AMAZING!