Christmas Spirit

Traditionally Christmas is a Christian Holiday, this festivity is now celebrated all over the world with the universal message: 

the family togetherness and compassion for all mankind.

Today, Christmas has become an under fire over promoting Christmas commercially.  In a mall you will see business establishment essentially going out for a "SALE", seeing this signage's over there item products "BUY 1 TAKE 1" or "10-25% Discount".  A buy it now messaging all over the place.

             photo credit: burgermac via photopin cc

The question is, after all the lavish decors and all the sales and discounts in a mall is the Christmas spirit still around?

                                       photo credit: Jeff Pioquinto, SJ via photopin cc

Festivity of cheers with all the crowds all around, with people busy buying things for Christmas, ooooing and awwing beneath the Christmas season barely noticing the needy people projected through the malls window just looking at the busy crowd picking and choosing gifts getting ready for their exchange of gifts. Sad to say that was Christmas is all about now.

With all the commercialize Christmas season that we have in our malls, we barely think of the true meaning of Christmas.


A depressing reality, I resolved not to spend as much money but I can already tell that it's not going to happen because I have two daughters and they need to buy things for their Christmas Party at school.  Listing down all their needs, taking time to think on how can I celebrate Christmas without exaggerating the season.

*SIMPLIFYING things needed to do between now and Christmas.

Not everything needs are very important, by listing down all the things you can miss some items that are not that important.


Teach your children to visualize the people in the Visayas, they are hit by typhoon Yolanda and they need our HELP.  Though Christmas spirit is still there with them we have to respect their loss.

*PLANNING with your family.  Plan ahead of time to avoid jumping from one thing to another during Christmas.

Everyone receives Christmas bonuses. BUDGET YOUR MONEY.  We only receive bonuses annually, but it doesn't mean you have to use that money in one season remember there is still tomorrow after Christmas. So better plan it wisely.

SALES and DISCOUNT are everywhere, don't be TEMPTED.


Despite all the Midnight Sales (BUY ME NOW, DISCOUNTS, and BUY 1 TAKE 1) in a mall Christmas spirit stars in yourself. 

Look at your surroundings and focus you may find it so awkward but given the chance to buy those things in a lesser price GRAB IT as long as you have a good reason to use it.

                                       photo credit: Cloned Milkmen via photopin cc

BUY 1 TAKE 1 is a must for me during the Christmas season.  I have the chance to buy the second item in a lesser price or for FREE!  And this is good because as a mother with two children trying to save on a tight budget is a great help for me but not to forget to SHOP WISELY!

Items purchased from a sale is to be given to all my family relatives living in Leyte.