One of the warning signs of domestic abuse also known as spousal abuse whether verbal or not is the frequent use of abusive language and a frustrated and intolerable behavior by a partner. It usually occurs in an intimate relationship or marriage where one tries to dominate and control the other personal views and perceptions.
The wife or the husband can be the victim of abuse, whether mental, emotional or physical abuse. The abuser however, never plays a fair game here. A mental and emotional abuse is actually a reflection of the underlying guilt, fear, intimidation or insecurity in a person which he or she is trying to release and rid himself or herself off by inflicting pain and suffering on the other. So, any form of abuse in a marriage is actually a selfish and a sadistic behavior.
Mental and Emotionally abuse, yes I am.  I have this during my marriage life.  It makes me feel so useless.  The feeling of having that low esteem and you have nothing to do with it.  You wanted to cry but tears don't full. 
How did I recover?
When you cannot handle things then you need to get out of the situation as soon as possible. 
We've been separated for almost 7 years.   The first 3 years of separation, life is imbalance.  Something missing but you have to go on and live the past behind.  I have my two kids with me, I have to strive harder for them.  Dealing the hurt aches from the past makes you more stronger.
As I read from a blog and I quote, "Life, while mostly enjoyable, does have its ups and downs. The sun shines on the evil and the good. Pain is an inevitable part of life. Never think that you've been singled out for pain. We all seem to understand that physical pain takes time to subside, and as the wound or illness that caused the pain heals, the pain will ease. What we have more trouble with is realizing that emotional pain also takes time to heal."
It's normal to feel hurt or pain for some time after an event. How much time is up to you. Don't let others rush or pressure you into "getting over it" on some timetable. But if you feel hopeless, or helpless, and this feeling doesn't improve over time, but instead seems to linger, seek professional help. 
Emotional injury can lead to depression, which can be treated - don't let yourself continue a downhill slide indefinitely. You should reach a peak or plateau, and things should start to turn around. You shouldn't just feel like you're continuing down, down, down.
Standing up and moving ahead is much more applicable don't blame yourself for having this kind of situation.  Life is not CRUEL.  Just be happy for you and your kids.
In this ONE FINE DAY you LOOK at ME and YOU will know....TODAY MY LIFE BEGINS!!!!


  1. Congrats for moving on, you have an interesting life though. Keep up the positive in you!

  2. Thanks sis this is my blog post when I am still in a reckoning moment of my life.


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