Blogging while sleepy. 

The weather turns gloomy and I feel sleepy. 

May 15, 2012  1PM

May 15, 2012  2PM bit of showers...
DIFFERENCE BETWEEN "Rain" and "Shower"....This is kind of tricky. Even though "showers" are indeed rain, there's a subtle but important distinction between the two as far as weather forecasts go.

When we call for "Rain" (as in, "Rain at Times", "a rainy day", "Occasional rain") is a more widespread event. Most, if not all, of the area will see rain and it'll last for a while.
"Showers" are more scattered. That usually means that not everyone will be getting wet at the same time.

But I have to start my blog here.  Any ideas to refresh myself?  :)   It is my wish to have my blog for this time, so I will.  Just be warned, my thoughts are a bit scattered.  :)

It was a good day, but seemed liked a long day for me.  I slept last night at 2AM...oh it is not night but morning already.  Oh what a MORNIGHT!!!! Hahahahahaha..... I have so many thoughts in my mind, but yet I am a bit sleepy.  I will just tell you that the weather here in Davao City, Philippines,  it is Gloomy and Rainy.  Maybe that made me more sleepy.

I just wonder if we talk about sleepy make one more sleepy?  Toinks....