Introducing the Samsung A15 5G: A Closer Look

Celebrating my achievements without boasting, just giving myself a well-deserved pat on the back for reaching new milestones in life.

I've been using my HONOR 10Lite for 5 years already. Typically, I avoid buying phones that exceed PHP 10,000 in price. My children's needs always come before my own. Right?

Furthermore, following the receipt of my paycheck, my daughters kept insisting that I should buy a phone that was more appropriate for my blogging needs. And yes, this is a lifelong dream of mine. But I consistently reassured them that I was satisfied with the product I was currently using.

Fast forward, after my eldest daughter graduated from college and is now working a part-time job online, she helped me with the finances. As a result of all the commitments, such as paying bills, etc., I am feeling relieved, and I believe that now is the appropriate time to give myself something that I really needed in my blogging.

I feel incredibly fortunate to work with clients who consistently pay in advance. Finally, I can treat myself to a new mobile phone! I'm considering purchasing an iPhone, but after looking at the price, I realize I need to budget carefully since I still have one daughter in college. I want to find a smartphone that fits my budget without sacrificing photo and video quality.

My youngest daughter recommended that I purchase a Samsung phone because she uses one herself and knew it would fit my budget without compromising her school needs. She relied on the Samsung camera too!  She persuaded me to purchase a Samsung smartphone, and yes, I visited the Samsung Store at SM City Davao. After checking and trying all units available in the store, I have to decide between the Samsung Galaxy A05 and Samsung Galaxy A15 5g.

I choose the Samsung Galaxy A15 5g . Why? Because the Galaxy A15 5G's 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display, which offers smooth, bright, and vivid viewing experiences. It features up to 800 nits of brightness, a 90Hz refresh rate, and a low blue light display for eye comfort.

I already have an issue with my eyes. When I go out, I struggle to see what I'm typing due to my age. I prefer a phone that remains readable and clear even in direct sunlight, allowing me to easily read messages, type, and view videos or pictures.

Create images and videos with crisp clarity. The phone comes with a 50MP Main Camera, a 5MP Ultra Wide, 2MP Macro cameras, and a 13MP Front camera for selfies. Ideal for my blogging endeavors, for sure. You can visit my food blog site, Davao Foodie Online for pictures and video sample.

I am pleased with how my photos and videos turned out, but there is still a lot to discover about my new phone!

While at the Samsung Store, I noticed they only had the A15 Lite on display. However, the staff informed me that they also have the A15 5G in stock. She explained the distinction between the two to me. After careful consideration, I have decided to go with the 5g model with 8gb of RAM + 256gb. And for the price, the staff told me that I had to add PHp1,000 for the A15 5g unit. I paid PHp14,990.

And what is great that time they have this promo, a FREE Travel Adapter!

I appreciate that there is a complimentary adapter included, especially considering that Samsung no longer provides free earphones, screen protectors, and chargers. I hope Samsung will consider including freebies with their units, especially those priced at 10K or more.

It's been a month, and I'm still getting the hang of it. Up until now, I've only encountered a slight delay when I have multiple platforms open. The battery life varies based on usage. Based on my experience, the battery can last for 2 days with only social media usage. Since I'm not a gamer, I can't guarantee it will be suitable for gaming enthusiasts.

The camera is ideal for bloggers and vloggers, as I mentioned recently. I have no regrets about my purchase.

By the way, the photos I shared here were taken with my previous device, the Honor 10 Lite. I still use it to open files and respond to messages.

Just a heads up: I'm not very tech-savvy. This article reflects my personal experience. Hopefully, I provided you with an insight into A15 5g (though not more detailed), but at least I gave you a picture of what the unit is all about.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. To my fellow Bloggers, I encourage you to treat yourself to something that nurtures your passion. Shalom. ☺️

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