Spreading Christmas cheer with Padre Pio's Home for Children: An outreach activity by the Ateneo de Davao Alumni BSBA Batch 97

Every December, we have the joyous tradition of reuniting with our classmates and celebrating with parties galore. However, this year, my classmates from BSBA Sec B, under the guidance of Sir Butch Samante, along with some students from the BSBA Mgt Department, made the wonderful decision to organize an outreach activity at Padre Pio's Home for Children in Tugbok, Marilog District.

Planning was a breeze with the enthusiastic participation of everyone, who generously contributed pledges and donations. And we raise a significant amount of funds to contribute and celebrate with the children.

The sixteenth of December is a date that everyone is looking forward to. There are some of my classmates who are unable to take part in the event, but we are determined to make sure that all of our gifts, etc., are given to the children.

Our AdDU Freshman Facilitator, Sir Wilfred "Butch" Samante, welcomes us warmly as Sister Maria Theresa and Sister Rosa Pia welcome us into their modest home at Padre Pio's Home for Children. The program activities were led by assigned staff and children, whom they referred to as the ATE's (young adult). We thoroughly enjoyed the fun and games they had prepared.

We are delighted to witness the children wholeheartedly embracing the activities, as it truly embodies the essence of CHRISTmas—the spirit of togetherness, compassion, and selflessness.

... The Ateneo de Davao University is dedicated to upholding a strong tradition of academic excellence and serving the community. The formation provided is focused on the holistic development of the individual, encompassing both the mind and heart as well as their role within the human community. The organization strives to fulfill its mission of being "stronger in faith" (fortes-in-fide) as it seeks to align with God's ultimate plan. The Ateneo community's schools, colleges, divisions, and departments actively engage with local communities and other institutions, embodying their mission of serving others and glorifying God. The Ateneo is dedicated to forming young men and women into individuals who prioritize the well-being of others through a range of formation activities and student-centered programs.

I cannot forget this, "Ateneo helps form young men and women into “persons-for-others” (maging-tao-para-sa-kapwa)." A man and woman for others, know how to communicate and to mingle with the people in different walks of life.

Ateneo plays a crucial role in shaping individuals into compassionate and selfless individuals. They have a knack for connecting and socializing with individuals from all walks of life, truly embodying the spirit of being people-oriented.

We thoroughly enjoy spending time with the children, and they warmly embrace our presence. We are grateful for the opportunity to spend time with them and witness the lives they lead under the guidance of Padre Pio's Home for Children.

I am thrilled to be a part of this exciting endeavor. Thank you for inviting us to join in on the festive #ChristmasVibes.

Our batch is proud to contribute a generous monetary amount of P10,006.30 (Ten Thousand six pesos and 30 centavo) to support Padre Pio's Home for Children Inc., in their ongoing mission to assist children in need. We hope that our donation will make a meaningful impact and help improve the lives of these deserving children.

If you're interested in making a difference in the lives of these children, you can pay them a visit at Rambutan St., Tugbok Proper, Davao City. Please reach out to Sis. Meriam T. Lenteria, the Institution Head, for further inquiries. You can contact them at (082) 293-0290 or email them at pphcinstitution@yahoo.com.

Watch video below: