"Number Mo, Identity Mo": The Importance of Online Safety with Globe Creative's Call for SIM Registration

With the impending arrival of the July 25 deadline, telecommunications giant Globe has taken a bold step in raising awareness about the imperative nature of adhering to the SIM Registration Act. In a bid to safeguard consumers from the perils that loom in the vast realm of the internet, the company has unveiled a captivating and innovative campaign. By urging individuals to comply with this crucial legislation, Globe aims to empower users and shield them from potential online hazards.

In a delightful twist of digital mischief, the "Number Mo, Identity Mo" campaign recently took the online world by storm. This audacious endeavor saw the virtual personas of esteemed celebrities Kuya Kim Atienza and Kiray Celis playfully "hacked" by a troupe of gifted stand-up comedians and improv artists, who skillfully assumed their identities with hilarious results.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the digital era, the matter of online safety looms large as a pressing concern. In this innovative endeavor, the underlying objective is to underscore the significance of safeguarding our SIM cards as an integral component of our digital persona. In light of the impending deadline, it is imperative that we bring to the forefront the importance of prepaid customers registering their SIM cards. With July 25 fast approaching, it is crucial for individuals to take the necessary steps to ensure compliance with this requirement. In a resounding call to action, Yoly Crisanto, the esteemed Chief Sustainability and Corporate Communications Officer of the illustrious Globe Group, implores each and every valued customer to promptly undertake the crucial task of registering their SIM cards.

With an unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled service and ensuring the utmost convenience for its esteemed clientele, Globe Group leaves no stone unturned in its pursuit of excellence. Thus, it is with great urgency that this imperative message is relayed to all individuals who have yet to complete the vital SIM registration process https://new.globe.com.ph/simreg

In a bid to combat the rising tide of fraudulent activities, telecommunications giant Globe has once again emphasized the importance of SIM registration for its customers. With the proliferation of scams and identity theft cases, the company is urging its subscribers to take proactive measures to protect themselves from falling prey to such malicious schemes. By registering their SIM cards, customers can significantly reduce their risk of becoming victims of fraud. This simple yet crucial step allows Globe to verify the identity of its users, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to their services.

Moreover, it enables the company to swiftly address any suspicious activities and take appropriate action to safeguard its customers' interests. The need for SIM registration has become even more pressing in today's digital age, where cybercriminals are constantly active. In a world where connectivity is paramount, Globe Prepaid, TM, and Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi customers have been granted a convenient avenue to register their services. Thanks to the innovative GlobeOne app and Globe's SIM registration microsite, individuals can now complete their registration process effortlessly, anytime, day or night. This seamless accessibility ensures that customers can stay connected without any hindrances. So, whether it's the crack of dawn or the dead of night, rest assured that Globe has got you covered.

For those fortunate enough to possess a fully verified GCash account, the possibilities are endless. With the power of the GCash app at their fingertips, users can unlock a world of convenience and efficiency. In a commendable effort to extend a helping hand to those seeking assistance, individuals can now avail themselves of the opportunity to register their SIM cards at any Globe Store or EasyHub branch across the nation. This initiative aims to streamline the process and provide convenience to those in need, ensuring that they can easily comply with the necessary requirements. By offering this service, Globe demonstrates its commitment to customer satisfaction and accessibility, further solidifying its position as a reliable telecommunications provider.

In a move that aims to enhance security and streamline operations, Globe Telecom has successfully integrated its esteemed subscribers from Globe Postpaid, Globe Business Postpaid, and Globe Platinum into the SIM registration database. This development marks a significant milestone in the company's ongoing efforts to ensure a seamless and efficient user experience for its valued clientele. By consolidating these subscriber profiles, Globe Telecom is poised to bolster its commitment to data privacy and protection while also facilitating a more cohesive and comprehensive approach to customer management. With this latest advancement, Globe Telecom continues to demonstrate its unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch services and maintaining the trust of its esteemed subscribers. In a move to streamline processes and enhance the user experience, Globe Business has recently rolled out a series of steps for the registration or updating of details for company-owned prepaid accounts. These steps have been exclusively communicated to authorized company representatives, ensuring that the information remains secure and confidential. By providing a clear and concise set of instructions, Globe Business aims to facilitate a seamless registration or update process for its valued clients. This initiative not only saves time and effort but also guarantees that the necessary details are accurately recorded, enabling businesses to efficiently manage their prepaid accounts. With the ever-evolving landscape of the corporate world, it is crucial for companies to stay up-to-date with the latest information and maintain accurate records. By adhering to the prescribed steps, authorized company representatives can ensure that their company-owned Globe Business prepaid accounts are properly registered or updated.


In a shocking turn of events, it appears that several high-profile celebrity accounts have fallen victim to a malicious hacking attempt.

In a bold and creative move to raise awareness about the importance of online safety, Kiray and Kuya Kim embarked on a captivating journey that left their followers intrigued. The duo strategically teased their audience with enigmatic posts across their various social media platforms, leaving everyone curious about what was to come. And finally, the climax arrived in the form of a captivating TikTok LIVE session. During this highly anticipated event, the duo ingeniously employed impersonators who skillfully showcased entertaining yet glaringly obvious scams to the viewers. This clever tactic effectively sheds light on the lurking dangers that can be found in the vast realm of the internet. By presenting these scams in a captivating and engaging manner, Kiray and Kuya Kim managed to capture the attention of their audience and drive home the crucial message of online safety. This imaginative approach to promoting awareness about the perils of the digital world is a testament to the duo's commitment to educating their followers. By utilizing their influential platforms, Kiray and Kuya Kim have successfully sparked conversations and encouraged individuals to be more vigilant when navigating the online landscape. In a time where the internet plays an increasingly significant role in our lives, it is imperative that we remain informed and cautious. Kiray and Kuya Kim's innovative campaign serves as a timely reminder for all of us to exercise caution and stay vigilant while traversing the vast virtual realm.


In a captivating turn of events, Kiray's doppelgänger managed to captivate her loyal followers, leading them on a transformative journey filled with promises of opulence, luxury, and enhanced beauty. The thrilling adventure came to a dramatic conclusion with a much-anticipated live selling event that revealed the imposter's true identity. In the other hand, the doppelgänger of the esteemed Kuya Kim has skillfully dropped hints about the latest happenings in the realm of television. With a tantalizing promise of unveiling clandestine behind-the-scenes revelations, invaluable lifestyle advice, and an unexpected appearance by a special guest, this enigmatic figure has undeniably ignited curiosity and fascination among the masses.

The true motives behind the captivating performances of Kuya Kim and Kiray have come to light. Just two days following the exhilarating livestream, the dynamic duo took to social media to disclose a distressing revelation: their accounts had fallen victim to a malicious hacking attempt. The gravity of their crucial message was brought to the forefront: the stark reality of online identity theft. This incident serves as a powerful reminder that individuals must be proactive in safeguarding their personal information, going so far as to ensure the registration of their SIM cards.


In a bold move, Globe, the telecommunications giant, reaffirms its unwavering commitment to championing the cause of online safety. Through their latest campaign, the company leaves no stone unturned in emphasizing the importance of safeguarding digital spaces. In a series of events spanning December 2022, the esteemed company has diligently undertaken a multitude of SIM registration drives. In this latest endeavor, we witness a captivating innovation that breathes new life into the notion that a SIM card is not merely a numerical entity but rather a profound extension of one's very identity. In the ever-evolving digital landscape, safeguarding one's digital identity has become an imperative task. As technology advances, so do the methods employed by scammers and fraudsters to exploit unsuspecting individuals. However, amidst this digital arms race, customers have a powerful tool at their disposal: SIM registration.

SIM registration, a process that requires customers to provide their personal information to their service providers, serves as a crucial step in fortifying one's digital identity. By associating their personal details with their SIM card, individuals create a barrier against potential scams and fraudulent activities. The significance of SIM registration lies in its ability to establish a direct link between the user and their mobile device.

Where online scams have become increasingly prevalent, the "Number Mo, Identity Mo" campaign serves as a poignant reminder that combating these fraudulent activities requires more than just individual vigilance. It underscores the importance of a united front in the ongoing battle against cybercrime. The campaign's message is clear: we must recognize that our efforts to protect ourselves from online scams are not isolated endeavors but rather part of a larger, collective endeavor. By encouraging individuals to be proactive in safeguarding their personal information and financial security, "Number Mo, Identity Mo" seeks to foster a sense of shared responsibility. In an era where technology has made our lives more interconnected than ever before, it is crucial that we remain vigilant against the ever-evolving tactics employed by scammers. By staying informed about the latest scams and sharing this knowledge with others, we can create a network of informed individuals who are better equipped to identify and avoid potential threats.

For those seeking to delve deeper into the world of Globe, a visit to their official website at https://www.globe.com.ph/ is an absolute must. This digital hub serves as a gateway to a multitude of information, offering a comprehensive glimpse into the realm of this renowned telecommunications company.



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