10 New Exciting Concepts From GCash FutureCast Bring the Future of Fintech to All Filipinos

Over 79 million people in the Philippines use GCash to make online transactions that are quick, safe, and easy. It is the number one finance super app in the Philippines. Data.ai, a trusted third-party platform, says that GCash is the #1 Finance Super App in the country because it has the most downloads, the most monthly active users, and even the most daily active users, meaning that people use it every day.

GCash was the first company in the country to use the QR payment system. It first came out as an SMS platform in 2005 and then as a super app in 2012. During the pandemic, it helped Filipinos move to digital services. Now that the world is back open, it is expanding its services to meet the changing needs of Filipinos in the digital financial world.

At this year's #GCashFutureCast event, GCash showed 10 ground-breaking innovations for every Filipino that will shape the future of Fintech.

Tools for Financial Freedom

GCash has made it easy and convenient to use money management tools like savings, insurance, and investments. Now, it makes products that help people grow their money and keep it safe.

The GCash app lets people buy and sell stocks online through GStocks PH, which is run by AB Capital Securities, Inc. Its trading interface was made to be easy to use and simple by working with the Philippine Stock Exchange. Users can now trade the stocks of more than 280 local companies through GStocks PH. Soon, more people will be able to use GStocks PH.

Users can learn about and explore the world of Crypto and NFTs with GCrypto. On the GCrypto NFT Hub, users can see collections like The House of OhLala by Filipino contemporary artist Reen Barrera. A PDAX-powered exchange makes it easier to buy and sell cryptocurrency. PDAX is the leading cryptocurrency exchange in the Philippines.

For just P34, GInsure Online Shopping Protect insurance covers all of a user's online purchases for 60 days and up to P20,000. The insurance covers situations in which orders are not delivered, are accidentally damaged, are not as described, or are stolen. The insurance product, which is powered by Chubb, is built into the user's online GCash payment journey across 1,500 online shops and platforms.

GCash goes global

With GCash's new services, Filipinos can now travel without cash anywhere in the world. Filipinos who live outside of the country can now use GCash to send money and help to their families back home.

Filipino travelers can use GCash Global Pay to pay with QR codes at Alipay+ stores in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Qatar, Germany, Italy, France, and the UK. This saves you the trouble of having to pay with cash or take money out of an ATM, where you may have to pay high service fees. It lets you charge in Forex in real time, and there are no service fees.

With a GCash Card, travelers can buy foreign currency in real time at low exchange rates and no service fees. With this, people can use their money with just one tap at more than 100 million stores in 200 countries and territories around the world that are part of VISA's huge network. This means that travelers can shop and eat without any trouble, no matter where they are. Later this year, you'll be able to get the new GCash card.

GCash Overseas, Filipinos living in Japan, Australia, Italy, and the United States can use their international SIM cards to download GCash. Now they can send money to their families back home, buy loads, and pay bills for them. When they send money to another GCash account, they don't have to pay a fee. This saves them the cost of remittance fees. GCash also announced that it is now available in both the United Kingdom and Canada. GCash Overseas is currently in Beta, which means that only a small number of people can use it. Soon, though, more people will be able to use it.

Borrowing made easier

Filipinos can now buy now and pay later with no credit cards, no extra paperwork, no down payment, and now no interest at certain merchants thanks to GGives. Users of GCash can now buy things in stores or online without the usual restrictions that come with payment plans.

Borrow Load will let eligible users borrow their favorite load promos today for free, so they can still enjoy their favorite entertainment even if they don't have much money. With load deals that last up to 7 days, they can now afford to use apps that use a lot of data. Borrow Load will soon be available to more people.

Improved security and user experience

GCash has added two new features that will make transactions safer and easier:

A new, user-friendly messenger feature GChat makes it easy to talk and transact with contacts, share receipts instantly, and track transaction histories. The feature makes it easier to find conversations with friends, merchants, and customers, while Gigi and Advisories provide real-time support. GChat will launch in a few months.

DoubleSafe is the newest security feature for GCash that stops scammers from taking over accounts. It adds another layer of security on top of 2-Factor Authentication and the mobile PIN (MPIN). DoubleSafe will be activated the first time a user logs in to a new mobile phone. If the user accidentally gives their MPIN and OTP to thieves, facial recognition will protect their account.


Martha Sazon, the CEO of GCash, stated during the FutureCast event, "GCash has empowered and encouraged every Filipino to maintain optimism and pursue growth." Being the number one Finance Super App in the Philippines and the first finance app to become a household name in the nation, GCash is positioned to empower everyone to be future-ready. "With GCash's ten new breakthroughs, our hopes for a better future begin now."


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