Everywhere Fiesta Feels with WOW! Fiesta

Padayon ang "Fiesta Feels" karong 2023 sa Davao City! Even though the Kadayawan Festival is not until a few months from now, residents of Davao City can celebrate the vitality of their city each and every day.

Residents of Davao have every reason to celebrate not only the bountiful harvests but also the abundant blessings that life has to offer now that one of the country's largest and most progressive cities is making a full recovery from the pandemic. And they achieve such wonderful results by singing their hearts out at every available opportunity. May Saya ng Fiesta sa bawat kanta!

Wow!  Fiesta, the most well-known brand of videoke equipment in the world, wants to get in on the action while also discovering the city's hidden singing potential. After all, this is the city that spawned singing superstars like KZ Tandingan, Juris Fernandez, Jay Durias, and Joey Ayala, so it is no surprise that there is an abundance of talented singers here.

WOW! Fiesta provides superior home entertainment to modern Filipino households. Not only does it provide excellent value for money, but its products can be used for any occasion. Audio-Video Solutions Corporation distributes Wow! Fiesta, which offers a premium line of portable videoke systems and professional audio products. They continue to innovate their product offerings in order to provide Filipino households with superior home entertainment, office, and small business experiences.

The company has some exciting news for music lovers on Mindanao and elsewhere in the country: the release of a brand new WOW! Fiesta Soprano 10 Digital. For only PHP 26,999, you and your friends can have a karaoke party whenever you like with thousands of built-in songs and two digital wireless microphones.

The WOW! Fiesta Advantage

WOW!  Fiesta Soprano 10 Digital's 10,000 built-in and licensed songs are securely stored internally, unlike other brands' USB or SD cards. WOW!  Fiesta songs include international hits like Butter, Levitating, My Universe, All I Ask, Say So, Deja Vu, Beautiful Mistakes, Dance Monkey, 34+35, Blinding Lights, Drivers License, Ice Cream, Lover, Good 4 U, I Like Me Better, Memories, and all-time OPM favorites like Pagsamo, Mapa, Lagi, Sa Susunod na Habang Buhay, Ikaw Lang, Sigurado, Di ka Sayang, and more!

The two Professional Digital Wireless Microphones lets you enjoy the freedom of wireless singing. There's less of chance of hearing unwanted noises and interference when you are singing.

In addition to the high-quality sound that allows for complete enjoyment of singing, the video backgrounds included in WOW! Fiesta Soprano 10 Digital are all gloriously rendered in full 1080p high definition, making them visually stunning. You have access to a variety of options, including animations, international sites, and Philippine scenery; you can even customize your videos.

Because WOW! Fiesta is compact and easy to transport; the party can go with you wherever you go. Due to the fact that it is so small, the glove compartment of your car is an ideal location for keeping it. Even if your videoke is stashed away in a compartment, you will have easy access to it thanks to the infrared jack input that this device has. In addition to that, there is a carrying bag included for your convenience.

The WOW! Fiesta's Multimedia Player Function lets you play your favorites movies, music, and pictures from your USB or hard drive. After singing, you can enjoy watching your favorite movies and listen to their favorite songs using the same unit (WOW! Fiesta). It can play MP3 and supports almost all common formats of videos like MP4, MP3, AVI, MKV, MPG, and FLV formats. This is a great idea for family bonding!

Song updates are also easy and affordable. You can expand your song library with more songs! Get the latest hits with an affordable WOW! Fiesta Song Update for only PHP 249.00. No more physical Song Packs! 

Now that WOW! Fiesta Soprano 10 Digital videoke is suitable for worldwide use, it enables every "Juan" and "Maria" to enjoy a WOW experience in videoke entertainment for that Everywhere Fiesta Feels!

WOW! Fiesta Davao Media Event

On March 18, a media gathering happened at Out of Nowhere Abreeza, hosted by the CATPR team. It's just a casual gathering wherein the team personally meets the Davao traditional media and the social/digital media together to introduce further WOW! Fiesta, and what makes WOW! Fiesta different from other videoke products, besides that each of the attendees is given a Wow! Fiesta unit for us to use and promote the WOW! Fiesta not only here in Davao Region, but also in Mindanao.

Daghang Salamat CATPR and WOW! Fiesta. 


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