KITA Art Exhibit

It's the first time I've been invited to an art exhibition, and the majority of the artists are from the University of Mindanao (UM Davao), which is one of the most prestigious institution for Fine Arts and Design in Davao City.

KITA ART EXHIBIT was held at La Herencia Davao Art and Events Pavilion last August 26 to September 17, 2022, showcasing the works of art created by UM Fine Arts students and alums. The exhibition is a collaborative effort between PALIKATA and UMBRA Art Society, as well as the UM Fine Arts Department and its students, alumni, and other artists from Davao.

Activities like a LIVE SKETCHING and BUST SCULPTURE instructed by Jesse Namz and Emmanuel Marx, an ALLA PRIMA LECTURE with guest speakers, Mr. Venerando Rey Bollozos and Dominic Pilapil, and an ART TALK together with Rogelito Jun Cayas and Venerando Rey Bollozos are all part of the event's coordination.

The concept was named Kita Art Exhibit, and the exhibition was also named Kita, since the term signifies "we" in both countries. Or a Kita, which in Bisaya means "wealth or profit." Or Kita, as in the Filipino phrase "NAKIKITA KITA," which translates to "I HAVE SEEN YOU." It is up to the individual to determine how to interpret it.

The alumni relations committee came up with the idea for this art show as a way to bring together the college's artist alumni, the students, and other local artists to show how their passion and skills in learning the basics of Fine Arts and Design come out in their work after a long hiatus because of pandemic.

As for PALIKATA's main objective, they want to showcase features artists from UM Fine Arts and across their vast network so they can foster that feeling of community and inspire graduates to continue their involvement with their art and design passion.

It made perfect sense to accomplish it through an exhibit given that the college is still in the process of transitioning back to in-person instruction. In addition to that, it turned out to be an excellent venue for displaying artwork created by students and alumni.

I really like how it creates a new way for students and alumni to interact with one another, and I hope that in the future they will be able to host the gallery displays online as well, so that people who are unable to attend the event in person can still have the opportunity to view them. This means that there will be a greater potential for profit. The fact that it is available online will not adversely affect the response from the general population because the level of participation on social media is extremely high on the algorithm and reaches a greater number of profiles and pages.

As with any event, getting any participation from students and alumni artists is the key thing on the list, but I'm so amazed to know that there are 58 artists who enthusiastically submitted multiple pieces of their art.

I'd be ecstatic if this became an annual event. I'd like to add a reception to promote the art and get in touch, both in person and online, with alumni and other local artists.

You can learn more about the KITA Art Exhibit by watching the video below:

 You can also visit PALIKATA Facebook Page for more.