Concentrix: PH's Largest Private Employer Opens 3 New Sites

Concentrix Philippines made history on August 18 by simultaneously launching its three newest locations around the country. These locations were the Giga Tower in Bridgetowne, Quezon City; One Montage in Cebu Business Park; and Davao Finance Center in Davao Park District. Staff members from Concentrix, as well as leaders and partners from the public and private sectors, attended the inaugural event and toured the facilities in their respective cities. Additionally present was Chris Caldwell, President and Chief Executive Officer of Concentrix.

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Present during the ribbon-cutting ceremony in Davao were Concentrix DFC Site Director  RJ Yonson, Davao City Councilor Bernie Al-Ag, Concentrix VP of Delivery Tonichi Parekh, Asia CEO Forum Chairman Richard Mills, Concentrix Davao Site Director Ellen Garcia

The "One Concentrix Nation" inaugural event shows the incredible expansion of Concentrix and the company's efforts to provide job possibilities across the nation. The positions of the three sites correlate to the three major island groups of Mindanao, Visayas, and Luzon.

The developments further strengthen Concentrix's position as the nation's largest private employer, with around 100,000 employees, and increase the company's total number of sites in the Philippines to 50, located in 20 cities for its physical operations.

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"Our journey in the Philippines has always been about growth," says Amit Jagga, SVP and Country Leader for Concentrix Philippines. We've expanded from a handful to 100,000 in 16 years. Launching 3 new sites represents a huge growth milestone and the chance to go further. It's a sign of our continuous expansion and dedication to the Philippines: we'll keep investing in job possibilities for as many brilliant Filipinos as possible. The nationwide multi-site launch showed that when we expand our footprint, jobs and other economic prospects spread to those locations.

All three locations, Giga, One Montage Cebu, and the Davao Finance Center, are open around the clock and have a total floor space that is close to 30,000 square meters. Clients come from a variety of industries, including communications, financial services, retail, technology, travel, healthcare, and content moderation, and staff members provide support for these sectors. Because of the large number of people looking for work in Quezon City and Cebu City, both Giga and Montage have established recruitment hubs in those cities.

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Concentrix invests on the workplace and employee experience. "Staff experience is a high focus for Concentrix, so it's crucial to examine what's meaningful and relevant to their needs and situations," says Hazel Banas, VP of People Solutions in the Philippines. How secure, conducive, well-resourced, and supported the workforce is, how we promote ease and access to information or services they need, and how we reward and engage them are all vital. We want flexible, modern facilities. Our environments integrate functionality, efficiency, and creativity. We also ask staff what they want, so no two sites are alike. Two locations can have gyms while one can't. Local teams decide.


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A solid commitment to sustained expansion and investment in the country and its talent has made Country Leader Amit Jagga excited about the great impact it will continue to make, and he is looking forward to seeing what the future holds. He says, "We anticipate the growth rate to continue being considerable levels in line with the rise in business that clients offer to us, including new client logos, all of which raise the demand for us to hire new employees." As a result, we are really eager to spread the word about our sites and to welcome new members to Concentrix. If this trajectory continues leading up to 2023, and even though we are unable to give forward-looking statements as a publicly traded company, if we get close to double-digit percentage growth from the 100K scale we have today, that's anywhere from 8,000 to 10,000 staff net growth that we can expect to see.

Concentrix Philippines was given the "Highly Commended" accolade for Excellence in Employee Experience in the global Gartner Communication Awards 2022. Additionally, Concentrix Philippines has been recognized as one of Asia's Best Employer Brands for the past two years running. In addition to this, it is the lone recipient of the special prize given out by the ICT Awards 2021 for "Outstanding Use of ICT Services To Fight COVID-19."


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