Transferring My ZCom Domain Name from Old ZCom Site to their New Site Experience

I'm not a techy person, that's why I barely touch my site when it comes to technical issues. But, I'm not a technophobe person or having the fear of technology, because I can easily adjust to the digital world. I just don't like complexity, especially when it comes to site issues.

In today's rapidly changing world, it can be easy to feel out of touch. Well, that's  my experience when I transfer my domain name to the new Zcom site. Whenever there's a major change in how we do things, particularly if there's a technicality involved, my anxiety is likely to occur.

When Zcom emailed me that I have to transfer my domain name to their new site, I am hesitant to do it. It's a kind of hassle in my part, as a writer/blogger its not my job to do the transferring. BTW, I have three domain sites:, and The first two domain I got it from GoDaddy and the latter I got it from originally is from But transfers all their clients to Zcom way back 2019. The process of transferring that time is so much easier compared today. The only problem I encounter is the difficulty in communicating with customer service and tech people, because no one is answering my queries at their website. So glad, that I got to search for their mobile contact number, and that's why the transferring is so fast and easy.


February 21. I click the link they emailed me to do the transferring, and all went well. TRANFER WAS COMPLETED.

February 26. After 5 days, when I open my site to make a draft for another article, I discover that my site is down. It was Saturday and Zcom Customer Service is available only from Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm, but still I message them via Facebook Messenger and Emailed them too. I was surprised when someone reply to my query the next day (that is Sunday). 😲 

The problem is my DNS or my Domain Name System, it's not properly set, that's why my site went down. They give me another link to follow on how to put my DNS properly since my hosting is from the Blogspot or

Upon opening the link and see all the procedures, I got lost! I don't know what to do anymore. I give up and honestly, I got confused!

I ask Veronica of Zcom to help me navigate my cpanel, and so happy she assisted me. She's the one who made the transfer and viola! Monday morning I wake up early and check my site and its up already.

Read my conversation with Veronica of Zcom via Facebook Messenger:

I'm pretty sure that some of you will say, "it's very easy!" Yeah, for you, but not for me. I just hope that migrating to another site will not be too hassle to us (for those who are not so techy), because honestly it consume our time. Instead of doing our daily job or activities, we cannot anymore focus because of the transferring.

I'm a writer, not a techy person. I don't have a technical background, I didn't know what to do, the first attempt wasn't very good. And base in our conversation,  I tried hard to learn the procedures given, how hard it can be which is foolish to say, "Not everybody can do this. The job is more on "technicality" than a "writer". 😂😂😉 Well, the bottom line is that I am a "writer", hope Zcom will have another way of doing the transferring by not giving a hard time to their clients, doing all the DNS transfer etc.,  I'm just so lucky that Veronica is there patiently guiding me all the way.

Anyway, I'm very happy that my site is UP!