Sunpride Offers the First Modern Slaughterhouse in Cebu

Today's generation,  the Agricultural industry made a very satisfactory progress in terms of producing first quality animals, which are well nourished and in a good state of health for processing into meat foods.

Sunpride Foods, Inc. (SFI)’s hog and cattle slaughterhouse is the first modern facility of its kind in Cebu. It was completed in 2013 and has been in operation since. The modernization ensures optimal slaughterhouse hygiene and higher meat recovery for SFI to serve the market with safe and clean  quality meat products.

Even prior to its modernization, SFI’s slaughterhouse has been given an “AAA” accreditation by the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS). It has also received certifications for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).

Sunpride’s motivation, as always, lies in its commitment to the people – to provide customers with the best slaughtering service in the industry and assure the Cebuano community that all implemented hygiene and sanitary standards are followed to the very detail,” said Don Hanley Wong, Marketing Head of SFI.

Located within SFI’s main meat processing plant and compound at S.E. Jayme St., Paknaan, Mandaue City, the 1,700-square meter slaughterhouse is equipped with state-of-the-art machines and equipment that can process 100 to 120 hogs per hour and 25 cattles per hour.  The high throughput translates to an equally high recovery rate of 82% for live hogs weighing 100 to 120 kilos.

The modernized facility involves process improvements that minimize pre-slaughter stress on the hogs and cattle to ensure quality meat.

Most importantly, SFI’s modern slaughterhouse boasts of improved hygiene and sanitation practices.  The animals processed through SFI’s facility are hoisted up a continuous motorized conveyor line rail system to keep them from touching the floor throughout the entire process. The slaughterhouse is equipped with cold storage rooms where carcasses are stored to maintain freshness.

To prevent meat contamination, the facility is also zoned into different sections. Each section has a designated personnel entry point, to minimize unnecessary personnel movement from one zone to another. Cleaning stations are further equipped with knee and foot actuated faucets, and workstations are strategically designed to facilitate good meat and personal hygiene practices.

Sunpride Slaughtering Services is open to companies and individuals having their own hog business. For inquiries or bookings, please call Ms. Alieda Argawanon at 3467805 local 130 or 132 | 0917 304 9695.

You may also visit their newly revamped website at or their official Facebook page at 


The livestock industry thrives only to the extent that the consumer has confidence in the products; consequently the undernourished, neglected animal which are apparent in the past is no longer to be seen—to the animal world. First and foremost, the public health is the first thing to look in the preparation of meat foods, that is one of the essential not to forget in order to prevent the spread of diseases to man and other animals and to ensure a sound edible products. Congratulations Sunpride Food, Inc!