Nippon Paint AYDA PH, announced the winners today, February 11, 2022 through Facebook LIVE Stream and virtual conference (zoom Meetups). Mr. Michael Francisco, Nippon Paint Deputy General Manager, along with the renowned architects & interior designers judged the shortlisted finalists, and awarded title winners for GOLD and SILVER in each category, ARCHITECTURE and INTERIOR DESIGN.

Following the theme for the competition," FORWARD: Amplifying Emphathy Through Design", a virtual panel discussion was conducted for the final 20 competing candidates wherein the deans, HOD's, school/university mentors and senior professors and professionals participated.

The competition participated by more than 1,000 architecture and interior design students in the Philippines. Out of the 20 shortlisted candidates, only 4 students emerged winners. That will be 2 for each category, bagging a SILVER & GOLD award with cash prizes of P50,000 (GOLD), P30,000 (SILVER) and P10,000 for the remaining finalists.

Moira Kayla G. Ramirez of De La Salle - College of St. Benilde, won Gold. While Nuri Hong of De La Salle - College of St. Benilde bag the Silver in the Interior Design Category.

For the other awards in this category:

Best Green Innovation Award - Kizzie Marie Pacaro of the University of San Carlos
Best Colour Choice Award - Mary Margareth Calvo of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde
People’s Choice Award - Moira Kayla G. Ramiro of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde
Best Mentor Award - IDr. Candice Arboleda
Best College/University Award - De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde
Best Supporting College/University Award - University of Santo Tomas

And for the Architecture Category winners,  Karen Joy Robines of University of Mindanao won the Gold. And Darwin Aquino of Bulacan State University bag the Silver.

For other awards in this category: 

Best Green Innovation Award - John Gabriel D. Espiritu of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde
Best Colour Choice Award - Fitzgerald E. Eyas of Ateneo de Davao University
People’s Choice Award - Juan Paulo C. Aguilar of the Technological Institute of the Philippines - Quezon City
Best Mentor Award - Arch. Matias Baring
Best College/University Award - University of Mindanao
Best Supporting College/University Award - Bulacan State University

Gold winners will now represent Philippines at the Regional Summit of Nippon Paint's Asia Young Designer Awards 2021, which scheduled soon of this year and they will compete with the other finalists from Asian countries.

What to expect with our Philippine GOLD WINNERS representative?


The concept of this project is to redesign and reconfigure the old Tagum Trade and cultural center. This building has been used for almost two decades now and this building clearly needs to be renovated at the same time to give a more sustainable impact.I designed this building in an environmental approach or the Biophilic Design Approach. The Design aims to create a good and productive venue for people living the area (which is at the center of the city) whom are not able to have gardens around them. This structure enables them to have vegetations at the comfort of their neighborhood as well as to the people who do not have enough food to eat every day. This is also to help people by giving them the venue and place to plant vegetables and also this will be able to help the surroundings have fresh air and cooler environment. ~ Karen Joy Robines


Inspiring, Reviving, and Supporting Artistry with Interior Design through Attention Restoration Theory

Marahuyo meaning, to be enchanted and attracted, is a design camp that aims to offer a refreshing and enlightening experience for the artistic soul by nurturing creativity in a restorative environment. It seeks to establish emotional depth with connections that captivate and focus healthy attention for people by indulging with nature. 

Located in Mabitac, Laguna, Philippines, the camp aims to develop the site into three phases, foreseeing an expansion for the hospitality industry. Laguna has always been known for its natural resources and recognized for its art and crafts industry. As time goes, Laguna became urbanized as being one of the provinces near Manila. The other industries continuously grow and develop in the major cities of Laguna, while the other side remains stagnant. The technological shift has also impeded appreciation for the art and crafts industry. Laguna is indeed rich in artistry but lacks in support, which Marahuyo intends to empathize with the community artisans. ~ Moira Kayla Ramiro 

This year's theme reflects the emphathy of our young designers and architects within their community, culture,  and environment through their designs. Over the years, Nippon Paint's AYDA developed a sense of network together with design experts, industry  groups and top design schools and universities.

As what Mr. Michael Francisco said during the virtual conference,"We are hopeful that our efforts through AYDA will continue to encourage outstanding architecture and interior designer students to be a good influencers,  by building an environment of the future".

Nippon Paint has done a wonderful job in encouraging young people to be part of this momentum, wherein they can share their knowledge and talents in architecture and interior designing.  And it was an honour to be part of the entire process as AYDA 2021 Engagers/Influencers for the social media. As I see the whole process of this event, it's not a competition but a camaraderie of the participants as they were guided very well with the vision and mission of Nippon Paint AYDA. I conclude that AYDA become a great factor in supporting the young architecture and interior designers,  a good initiative that winners have the chance to go international - that's a great opportunity!

And lastly, looking with the other works of the students finalists, its not a failure, they've done a good job too! All are socially relevant with the theme, in fact they are all winners to me and they deserve an applause for their hard work.

Congratulations Nippon Paint AYDA Philippine Edition and Mabuhay to all the participants! DAGHANG SALAMAT.   

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