Pin Retry Limit Experience with my Union Bank of the Philippines EON ATM Card

Last August 7, I went to Union Bank of the Philippines,  Rizal Branch to withdraw money. But on my first transaction I encounter a problem, "SORRY TRANSACTION CANNOT BE PROCESSED. PLEASE TRY LATER". I repeat the process, but the same message keeps on flashing on the ATM machine. On my third attempt, it says: "PIN-RETRY-LMT".

Monday, August 9. Went to the bank again,  but this time at their Magsaysay branch. I try to make a deposit to my account using the ATM machine and the transaction is completed. But, when I try to make a withdrawal, the same problem occurs, I still can't withdraw money.

I went inside the bank to file complaint. The teller said that my ATM card is good, my online and deposit transaction is also good. THERE'S NO PROBLEM! I correctly input my PIN, but how come it says "PIN-RETRY-LMT".

To resolve, she suggested to change my ATM card. So, I pay P150 for the replacement and wait for 2-3 weeks and the bank will call me if my new card is available.

BTW, prior to that, I also call Union Bank of the Philippines hotline number, but no one is answering the call.

August 17, I received an email from EON. My ATM Card is READY TO PICK UP!

In just a week, I already have my EON Union Bank ATM Card.

I try to change my pin that day, but my card is not yet activated. I have to wait 24 hours to activate my card.

Finally, after 24 hours card is activated. I received a text message from Union Bank to update my card details, especially if I have linked my previous EON card to website and apps.

Now, I can pay my bills, purchase online, send & receive money, and withdraw cash from ATM with no hassle. Very easy indeed to have EON card! If you want to open an account with no unnecessary fees, no penalties and get full use of your money at all times — Get your EON CARD now! For more details, visit EONBANKPH 

Advice for those who have a problem with their Union Bank Debit/Credit card, go to the Union Bank branch near you. It's more less hassle to visit their branch than to depend on their hotline.