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A single man with two jobs, but having difficulties crawling up from pawn to pawn. Heard about this kind of a scenario, wherein you need to "PRENDA" or PAWN your own ATM card deposited as security for a debt? Here's a story of RJ Garcia.

"I work as a bartender in a hotel and a Sepak Takraw Coach in a prestigious school. I didn't know that even I'm doing two separate job at the same time, I will be sacrificing this kind of a loan debt."


"I'm confident enough to tell that I'm earning well, but recently the feeling of stress of having two jobs when getting my salary every 15th & 30th of the month, to budget what is left after pawn deduction, and the battle of meeting my budgets is taking a toll on me."

"Honestly, I am hook to different online gamings and I used my ATM card as my collateral in purchasing VPN, etc..  Yes, I don't have problems with my house, water, electric bills because I am still living with my parents. And the only thing that made me decide to pawn my card is because of my online games addiction."

"My monthly expenses are too spread out with my addictions. I'm not even left with enough money to buy my girlfriend gift or date her in a restaurant".

"Yes, I surrender all of my ATM's in exchange for money to feed my online gaming addiction. I purchased online and I'm happy doing that for almost two years without thinking how much is my savings."

"How much left for me is a REALIZATION. For how many years I am wrong with my moves, not in my two jobs, but with my PROFLIGATE expenses."


"Having two jobs is not a problem if you know how to manage your time and track your budget wisely.  I have so many REALIZATION with my experiences, I think of it as the vital step in facing the realm of Financial world. To categorize your budget list: the living expenses should be priorities such as food supplies, health insurance, and the like. Followed by less important expenses such as VPN and Online Gaming purchases that happened to be more expensive compared to my everyday normal budget."

"I am very wrong, having that confident thinking of my two jobs can help me ease my burden. So now, I'm stretching up my budget and give me room to start again. Eliminating unnecessary expenses --- the NEEDS and WANTS and decide which are needed to let go to free up space to start investing rather than wasting!"


Do you have the same story with RJ Garcia? What will you do if you happen to be in his shoes? Comment down below, share your thoughts. Thanks.

***This is Pal Raine 2nd posts for #PlsSaveMe campaign.

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