Transferring Funds From GCash Account to a Bank Account is Completely FREE!

In my home Davao City, Philippines, seeing customers pull cash from their wallets is increasingly rare. In fact, most of my friends and acquaintances are using CASHLESS TRANSACTION in paying their bills, but not all, some have an app for paying online but don't know what to do with it.

Fund transfers are an integral part of the Philippine financial ecosystem. It's widely used for sending money for personal purposes such as for family needs, bills payments, or even paying online services.


Traditionally, lining up making a bank transactions in paying bills or to deposit and exchange notes, we have to visit our banks to do all of that and waiting for our queues in the bank is very hassle and time consuming.

Queue waiting moment is tiring. And I agree to that!

Mr. Joseph Albert Lim

VP - Financial Institutions and Strategy

Mynt (Globe Fintech Innovations, Inc.)

As our country is moving towards a CASHLESS ENVIRONMENT, the nation's leading mobile money service GCash have fully rolled out its fund transfers service, allowing customers to transfer funds from their GCash App to any of the over 30 banks supported nationwide.

Fund Transfer times have been virtually reduced to zero and paper wastes eliminated, as it will take less than 3 minutes to complete a transfer transactions digitally.

Mr. Ney Villasenor
VP & Group Head Corporate Communications Group


Philippine fund transfer services are notorious of having exorbitant fees and antiquated paper processes, the former of which depends on a certain percentage of the money you're transferring or a fixed fee, with a turnaround time depending on the volume of people per bank or money transfer service branch.

But what I like about the GCash is that we will no longer to carry wads of cash, plastic cards, or even queue up for ATM withdrawals. It's also safer and easier to spending option especially to travellers. All you need is a smartphone, funds in GCash account, and bank details of the account you are transferring funds to.


All transactions are recorded, once inputted, they can sit and relaxed and wait for the confirmation message arrives on their device.

Much easier to track down all your bank transaction movements.


If your smartphone is stolen, it's easy to block GCash App remotely. Call or Visit Official FB PAGE @GCashCare immediately. Besides all of your records with GCash App are all secured, it can be extremely difficult to copy and use it without your identity, making it a very safe option.

Go GCash. Get Rebates and More Vouchers!

Just download the GCash App for FREE from the App Store or from the Google Play and sign up for an account and be VERIFIED to get more benefits. Or you can look for @gcashofficial on Messenger and sign up.

This app is also open to use for all networks, be it GLOBE, SMART, SUN, Talk N' Text or TM.

To fund GCash account, a user can visit over 16,000 GCash partner outlets nationwide, like 7-Eleven, SM Business Centers, Robinsons Business Centers, Puregold branches, and Villarica Pawnshop branches and tell the cashier to cash-in to their GCash account.

***In my case, I fund my GCash account at Abreeza 2nd floor using their GCash Kiosk.