LICEALIZ PILIPINAS KUTO FREE KA NA BA? Nationwide Oplan Alis Kuto Year 3

Why the battle against head lice just got very serious - that nits and lice don't just infest our children and getting rid of "itchy and scratchy" can be a hard work for us parents. Now a whole new industry is growing to offer a solution to this itchy problem.

LICEALIZ is a head lice treatment shampoo with conditioning formula. An active ingredient found in it is PYRETHRIN which kills lice and nits fast. Licealiz is a product of LAMOIYAN CORPORATION, a non-toxic and is safe to use regularly to keep lice from coming back. It comes in 60ml plastic bottles - LICEALIZ Regular and LICEALIZ SOOTHING COOLNESS with flip top cover for only PHp71.75 and also available in 10ml sachet for only PHp12.75.

I'm sorry. There's no better way to describe that pretty itchy, head lice that warm on our children's Planet Scalp, sifting wisps with their antennae and as Dra. Lumira M. Lagapa describe it during the Kilusang Kontra Kuto Year 3 at Don Juan Dela Cruz Central Elemenatry School, Toril, Davao City, that creepily put it as the "taking of blood as meal" of the two beasts on our children's hair. Some are a slow, creeping thaw on head. Others, a fleeting tweak.

Dra. Lumira M. Lagapa MD
District Health Office, Toril District, Davao City

According to a study conducted by the Department of Education and the University of the Philippines, head lice infestation is still considered as the second most common health problem in the Philippines public schools next to tooth decay. While it may not be a fatal condition, attention must still be given to this persistent condition which commonly found in school. But lice can also move from adult to adult. You might have hugged a colleague who has caught them from his/her children. They can ping from the static of a comb or maybe you tried on a hat and a louse moved into its new home.

Before the late 90's, life was simpler but no good solution to the louse problem. I remember when I was young and all of my cousins are infected with lice (well except me because my mother always take good care of my hair - Special thanks to my Mama for that!), my aunt slather mayonnaise on to the infested head of my two cousins; olive oil, coconut oil, vinegar. Sometimes gas that beep upon execution, or use suyod to suck out the worst. They also tried to apply heated straighteners, like hair ironing, then stow bedding in the freezer to kill any off-head survivors. Some use dimethicone treatments (which is not safe especially to children). Others try everything and curse at end.

Head lice have been around as long as humans, they have been picked, preserved, and pried from the teeth of a comb. But how can we prevent and stop them from coming back?

  1. Use Licealiz for twice a week for two weeks to treat. Once a week for two weeks to prevent.
  2. Avoid borrowing hair comb, hat, face towel and hair accessories.
  3. Every week, have a hair check.

Head lice is often overlooked or disregarded despite its many negative impacts, but this problem can be solved with correct information and appropriate control methods. LICEALIZ Head Lice Treatment Shampoo is an effective solution to eliminate and prevent head lice.

To know more about Kilusang Kontra Kuto led by Lamoiyan Corporation's Licealiz, visit LICEALIZ

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